Friday, August 31, 2012

My Favorite Jam Recipe/ Strawberry Peach Jam!

I'm making jam now for holiday giving.  This is an old recipe that I got from my mom and it's such a bright red colorful Christmas gift for neighbors.  It's taken me a long time to come up with a traditional gift for them!  With the addition of bearing peach trees I now have a personal gift!

Strawberry Peach Jam
6 cups crushed peaches
2 cups crushed strawberries
 (I use my blender and crush these in a moment)
Add 1 package strawberry Kool-aid
Stir then sprinkle 1 package Sure-Jell over the top and wait until it dissolves.  I add about 2 TBS. butter to stop the foam from forming when the jam boils.

Bring the above to a boil and then add all at once 8 cups of sugar.  

Boil for 7 minutes and  pour into sterilized pint jars.  

Makes 5 pints



I am taking the opportunity of sending some of my tops on to a fellow Sunshine Quilter!  I have five tops done from various Sunshine Lotto's this summer.
And then some brights I was putting together for some blocks just "happened" to make it into a top.  The fabric is some I've dyed trying the process.
Back to more canning of peaches for now!


Kate said...

Hey patti, I see some of my blocks! Kathleen

Amanda said...

Strawberry peach! Sounds yummy! So many jars. I am impressed, that's work.

Judee said...

Oh yum! I wish I were your neighbor! Great job with all those blocks.

Karen said...

Your blocks are great. Beautiful jam. Sounds wonderful. I will have to try making the jam. I like that there is no water bath time. Can you keep it on the self until open?

Helen in the UK said...

Jam looks delish! Quilts are fun - my fav is the string blocks and bright red/white spot :)

Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful quilt tops, but that jam takes the cake - such a beautiful shade of red! Whoop whoop!!