Friday, September 28, 2012

Shhh! Don't Disturb--she's having too much fun!

It's fall!  My FAVORITE time of the year!

I've been busy puttering and just enjoying the season.  Once a bit ago, we just hopped in the car and took a drive to Park City!  The colors were glorious--and no--no photos!  

We've spent a few days redoing and cleaning and finally getting new carpet!  That meant everything had to be moved and then moved back.  For two old people that was quite a chore!  I told the saleswoman that I wanted carpet that would last me for at least 10 years as I didn't want to do this again for a long while.  We upgraded the pad to the highest quality and now when I walk through my house I think it's just cushy!  I wanted laminate--hubby wanted carpet and now that it is in, I'm totally happy!  IT'S ME!  The other carpet looked okay when we moved in, but it was taupe--not my favorite in the line of colors, but it goes with many things.  But for goodness sake the whole neighborhood looks like taupeville.  That must have been the color the builder liked, cause it's everywhere.  We've landscaped with color and now I've added color into my living room--a toasty, inviting deep gold!  MY CHOICE!  I have read, and played solitaire on my phone just enjoying my new space.  But, now I'm getting some quilting done. 

I've got a few quilts I've sandwiched awaiting quilting:

Now for a bit of history about the next, fun quilt I'm working on.  I've reconnected with a friend. Through Facebook I found her name and we've been talking occasionally since then.  We've both moved and made lifestyle changes.  She got divorced, we've retired in a new area and so there was lots of catching up to do.  She's purchased a house that she's made into a home--her style--all hers.  I asked what colors and a bit about her house and I got that she's used red, green, popcorn yellow and bits of black.  

Her birthday is coming up and I thought I'd make her a wall hanging.  She's a fiddler and a teacher and I had some fabric I hadn't used and I started putting things together and now the wall hanging is a lap quilt and I've been having so much fun quilting it.  Not too big of a hurry as the birthday isn't for a couple of weeks.

This is the progress so far:
 And some close ups of the quilting:
I'll get to more quilting today.  I quilt a bit and read a bit and generally just enjoying the beautiful weather and a slower pace!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At Long Last

I have a big wall along the stairway leading to the basement and it is now filled with a big quilt.  A couple of years ago I started a BOM (block of the month) at a local quilt shop.  After I started, I wondered why I did such a thing.  I lost interest, but got all the blocks done and then I just didn't want to put them together.  I finally did however and then I started to like it.  After I got it back from Judy, my quilter, I knew it would look great on that wall!  I love it!
 It was a bit hard for DH to hold for a full shot, but that's the quilt.

There it is on the wall.

As the backdrop for the loveseat.  It could be hung a bit higher--but we're old folks and hate ladders and besides the holes were already in the wall from the previous owners--gotta thank them for that!  They had a mirror there, but I love the quilt there!

Also back from the quilter was my postage stamp quilt.  I was going to give it to my son and his wife, but this is my first and probably my only 1 inch block quilt, so I'll make them one with bigger blocks!
And then I finished this little quilt made from lotto blocks from sunshine that my granddaughter picked out for a quilt for her!  Now I just need to deliver it and the one for her brother.

 So now I have to do some room rearranging and will probably be absent from blogging for awhile, but after these completions, I feel entitled to a rest!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm A Bit Conflicted...

It's early and I could be making blocks or I could be sandwiching a quilt for quilting--but instead, I'm looking at blogs that do Modern Quilts.  I want to do Modern Quilts, but so much of my stash is rather traditional.  Some are brights as I've been buying more lately, but I look at the other blogs and I don't have all the cutesy Moda fabrics.  I guess I'm too cheap to buy fabrics at $12 a yard when my goal is to give the quilts away.


So, I try my hand at making do with what I have.  The other day, I was making bright blocks for the monthly Sunshine Lotto.  The object is to give blocks for a Lotto and the half of the blocks go for quilts for Sunshine--either to Wrap A Smile or Wrap Them in Love--both great places to give.  But then I got a letter that the guild I belong to in Moab needed some quilts for Kids in Crisis there.

Well, while making my bright blocks--using just a fat quarter of baby bears fabric, I came up with more than a few blocks and an idea.  While looking for something to go with the bears, I found some fabric--less than a yard and I thought--gees maybe I can make a modern type quilt from these blocks.  So, I put one block in the Sunshine pile, and another block in the Moab pile and then took the remaining fabrics some of which was a hand dye I'd made from some of my fabrics and came up with a quilt.  I quilted it yesterday with "organic" lines--which means--they aren't straight!  Then when I took the picture, I noticed that the quilt isn't quite straight, but when it was washed and folded, I didn't really notice.

 So here is my new little sorta Modern Quilt:

The blocks I finished and mailed off to sunshine

I also quilted another little number from some donation fabric I had--it turned out sorta cute--not one of my favorites, but hopefully someone will like it and it used up some pale blue floral for the backing that isn't one of my favorites either.  The black and white was to try to add a bit of jazz to the quilt--don't know if it worked or not.

And some more "organic" quilting
   Last night I finally finished binding this little quilt.

Looks rather strange with my fall quilt on the right--but eventually I'll find that little package of 3-M hanging thingees, that I bought last week....   And I'll put that small little quilt somewhere on an empty wall...

Now, should I do the beans DH picked or more quilting???   See, I told you I was conflicted!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Strippin' of Drums of Africa--Done!

I've been working on this quilt for some time.  It is HUGE!  My son doesn't want a bedskirt, so this is the bedspread!

And this shot

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