Tuesday, September 18, 2012

At Long Last

I have a big wall along the stairway leading to the basement and it is now filled with a big quilt.  A couple of years ago I started a BOM (block of the month) at a local quilt shop.  After I started, I wondered why I did such a thing.  I lost interest, but got all the blocks done and then I just didn't want to put them together.  I finally did however and then I started to like it.  After I got it back from Judy, my quilter, I knew it would look great on that wall!  I love it!
 It was a bit hard for DH to hold for a full shot, but that's the quilt.

There it is on the wall.

As the backdrop for the loveseat.  It could be hung a bit higher--but we're old folks and hate ladders and besides the holes were already in the wall from the previous owners--gotta thank them for that!  They had a mirror there, but I love the quilt there!

Also back from the quilter was my postage stamp quilt.  I was going to give it to my son and his wife, but this is my first and probably my only 1 inch block quilt, so I'll make them one with bigger blocks!
And then I finished this little quilt made from lotto blocks from sunshine that my granddaughter picked out for a quilt for her!  Now I just need to deliver it and the one for her brother.

 So now I have to do some room rearranging and will probably be absent from blogging for awhile, but after these completions, I feel entitled to a rest!


Bridget said...

My, you have been busy! I was just talking about a postage stamp quilt last night with the quilt buddy. We each received a pack of 2 inch squares in goodie bags and thought this might be a good way to use them.

The Block of the Month quilt looks perfect in the stairwell. Good jobs all around.

Helen in the UK said...

Enjoy your blogging rest and your new wall quilt :)