Friday, September 28, 2012

Shhh! Don't Disturb--she's having too much fun!

It's fall!  My FAVORITE time of the year!

I've been busy puttering and just enjoying the season.  Once a bit ago, we just hopped in the car and took a drive to Park City!  The colors were glorious--and no--no photos!  

We've spent a few days redoing and cleaning and finally getting new carpet!  That meant everything had to be moved and then moved back.  For two old people that was quite a chore!  I told the saleswoman that I wanted carpet that would last me for at least 10 years as I didn't want to do this again for a long while.  We upgraded the pad to the highest quality and now when I walk through my house I think it's just cushy!  I wanted laminate--hubby wanted carpet and now that it is in, I'm totally happy!  IT'S ME!  The other carpet looked okay when we moved in, but it was taupe--not my favorite in the line of colors, but it goes with many things.  But for goodness sake the whole neighborhood looks like taupeville.  That must have been the color the builder liked, cause it's everywhere.  We've landscaped with color and now I've added color into my living room--a toasty, inviting deep gold!  MY CHOICE!  I have read, and played solitaire on my phone just enjoying my new space.  But, now I'm getting some quilting done. 

I've got a few quilts I've sandwiched awaiting quilting:

Now for a bit of history about the next, fun quilt I'm working on.  I've reconnected with a friend. Through Facebook I found her name and we've been talking occasionally since then.  We've both moved and made lifestyle changes.  She got divorced, we've retired in a new area and so there was lots of catching up to do.  She's purchased a house that she's made into a home--her style--all hers.  I asked what colors and a bit about her house and I got that she's used red, green, popcorn yellow and bits of black.  

Her birthday is coming up and I thought I'd make her a wall hanging.  She's a fiddler and a teacher and I had some fabric I hadn't used and I started putting things together and now the wall hanging is a lap quilt and I've been having so much fun quilting it.  Not too big of a hurry as the birthday isn't for a couple of weeks.

This is the progress so far:
 And some close ups of the quilting:
I'll get to more quilting today.  I quilt a bit and read a bit and generally just enjoying the beautiful weather and a slower pace!

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Debbie said...

A great fun friend quilt...sure she will love it. And isn't it time we slow down to enjoy what and where we are in life? I find myself doing that and enjoying it more.

Pomegranate Quilts said...

This is fabulous - so full of energy!
And where did you find violinist fabric?!

Sara said...

You left us hanging with no pics of the new carpet---sounds fabulous!

How delightful to catch up with an old friend and inspired to make her a quilt! That is what we quilters do eh?!

I like the colors and playfulness of the quilt!

Pattilou said...

The fabric was found in a small shop in Salt Lake City. I thought maybe I could use some of the images, since I taught school. I don't play the violin, so the violinist is perfect for my friend, and the art is great for her too, as she has taught art. She's so much like me in many ways. I did spend hours looking for shops on the internet that might still carry this fabric, but the artist/creator just does nurse fabrics now, although there are embroidery disks available for these. The artist is Loralie Harris. She does some really fun images!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Fun quilt that I am sure she will love. Loralie is fun fabrics - I found the older 'Hairstylist' prints on E-bay, so anyone looking could find bits of her older panels thru there.

April said...

very nice! it's fun reconnecting with old friends. sounds like your having a wonderful time. :)