Saturday, October 13, 2012

All Geared UP...

This morning with a quilt halfway finished with free motion quilting, the gears in my machine just jammed up--froze up or whatever!  Boy am I bummed.  There's a cloud cover and it's cooler and just a perfect day to quilt.  

I've spent the week piecing and cutting and had made lots of progress through my autumn colored scraps.
 I had even finished up the nickel charms in yellow and purple that I got in a scrap bag last year, and made them into a small top.  I used up all the purple and it just about came out even--just one block is out of sync...
I was going to put that purple and yellow top on and send it on its way as a donation, but now it is in the closet with all the others.

I'll take my machine in today and hope for a miracle.  My little Singer is one I can piece with but it is so much slower to use than my Bernie.  My Bernie has been overhauled twice in its 10 years with me--once under warranty.  Little did I know I would be using it "sew" much when I purchased it.  It's been chirping a bit, and I kept thinking to myself, "I'll take it in after this quilt."  

But then, I've been saying that since March when I thought that it should go in for an annual check up.  Guess I better listen to those thoughts in my head a bit more!

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Helen in the UK said...

Hope your machine is soon fixed and back home with you stitching up a storm! Great colours in those autumnal blocks :)