Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free Motion Quilting gone Awry!

Luckily I did some free motion quilting at the first of the month!!!  Since I did that--and I did that with the intention of trying it again with colored thread--my machine has been on the fritz!

I started a quilt at the first of the year with the intention of using it as a donation quilt, so my FMQ included the word love.  It doesn't show up as well as the October lesson, but I got some practice and I wanted to try it on a piece of designer fabric in my stash given to me by my sister.  But alas, this is my entry for October.

This was a fun exercise and I wanted to do a lot more of it, but it will have to wait for my machine to get back from the shop.  I picked up my machine last week and it was purring along like a kitten while I finished up these blocks for donation
 and then it just jammed up again, so off to the shop again.  My piecing is still a bit unfinished as I was trying to get my odds and ends of black and red and lots of Dr. Seuss used up.  These blocks will go to Sunshine Quilt lotto which will eventually find their way to either Wrap a Smile or Wrap Them in Love.  

I have a beautiful piece of Hand-Marbled Fabric, by Linda Moran waiting to be used for a Bonus Tutorial--it came the day my machine broke.  

So, I'm anxiosly awaiting the return of my machine.  It looks like I'll be busy in November! 

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