Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just Wanting to Piece!

After quilting this quilt and getting it off...

Here's a close up of some of the quilting.

I posted last week Here about the friend I sent it to.

I puttered at my machine a bit and read a few lessons I've missed from the Free-motion Quilting Challenge
I played around with the lesson from October and found that I do so much better on the quilt than on the paper.  I filled in a square on my quilt
Since the quilt will be given away I doodled around the word "LOVE"  I used all the same color thread and I'm not sure if I like it.  I'm thinking I'm going to look through my silks and make a little quilt with different color threads and use my name.  Since there's plenty of time left in the month to play, I can play, but this will at least count for my entry if I don't get any more playing done.

After I did that, I just wanted to piece.  I found lots of pre-cut squares and I started sewing and just playing.

So far, I've got one block done and in the midst of several more.
For November, the theme for the sunshine lotto is fall colors and I think I'll be sending a lot of blocks, or maybe I'll even get a quilt done myself.
I'm a bit foggy today--don't know why and I'm not making lots of progress, but I figure there's no time line--except that I did tell a friend I'd be giving her children some quilts.  I have three done and then realized that she has five children, not four, so I've got two more to quilt, but I'm not in the mood now.  It's the quilting that needs to be finished as the tops are complete.  Quilting is something that I just have to be in the mood for.  I'm also finding that I hate to start a pattern.  I love just starting to sew blocks and then see where they take me.  I do have a stack of fine hand dyes from Ricky Tims, but again--just not in the mood yet.

Tomorrow is Whoop Whoop day and here in Utah a cold snap will hit us and drop the temperatures to the 60's!  I think most people are ready for that change.  We're just hoping that the days will return to the 70's and then stay there for awhile.  Link over to Whoop Whoop Here

Freemotion by the River Here


Frog Quilter said...

I think your quilt is beautiful. Always experiment and practice. A lot of quilters only need a little "I can do this" and wallah yes you can..

Connie said...

Neat quilt and love the prints in it! Thanks for sharing.
Freemotion at the River Linky Party Tuesday

Elaine M said...

Very fun quilt. Great idea to combine that print with the blocks.

Sarah Craig said...

Sometimes you just need a day to play around - so quilt, piece, whatever makes you happy today! Whoop whoop!!

the girlfriend gap said...

Whoo-hoo for a finish great job! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Very nice finish, I love the colors and the black with it.

Sue Daurio said...

What a great finish! Bright and cheery. Love the FMQ, just wonderful

Sara said...

I definitely think you have to be in the mood to create with fabric:) When you are though gosh is it a party! Hope you feel up to it soon again!