Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh My!

If you've quilting for long, you know that the scraps can get the best of you---and then there's all those projects that you've got waiting that never seem to get a start...  This past week I've made a dent in both!  With my trusty Bernina 180 in the shop for repairs, I've been doing some small piecing on my Singer Featherweight and some cutting--lots of cutting.  I tried sewing borders on a small donation quilt and I really don't like doing that on the Featherweight, so I've limited myself to piecing and cutting.

I've got the basics now for an autumn quilt and I'm going to go through my stash later today to find sashing possibilities:
The block at the lower right is a donation block and it may not fit the quilt--I may still send it off to Sunshine Lotto for a November lotto of fall colors.  I started making blocks for that lotto and came up with 12 which is enough for a donation quilt, and I may make a top myself or just send all the blocks on to Sunshine.  After scouting around for sashing, I'll decide.

I've laughed over this quilt,
found in 
notice it is a FAST quilts edition.  Well nine patches of 1.5 inch blocks to me isn't a fast quilt.  But, that said, I liked the quilt and started making nine patches from my projects.  1.5 inch squares are the last resort, so it's taken me awhile.  Besides I've used a lot of them in other projects.  I planned to make the quilt as shown, but that would mean I'd need 148 nine patches and I don't have that many.  I'm playing with the basic pattern and altering it for my needs.  I will be sending this as a donation quilt, so I don't need a 66.5" x 88.5" quilt.  

This is the bottom strip I finished yesterday
These are the parts
...well there are some HST's in there that I used last night for my last fall fabric block, but you get the idea.  The B block needs a bit of adjusting as the corners were cut off in trimming and I've figured out how to do it on this machine and things may change when I get my other machine back.  I've learned that piecing seems to be different on each machine used no matter how careful I am.

I've got a few projects cut and in a big container so that when the mood strikes, most of the preliminary work will be done.
... and starts of 2 inch squares
sorted and bagged blocks
and a couple of more cuttings ready for bagging
This on started my use of some pink I didn't think matched anything and a part of a jelly roll I won on Roll, Roll Jelly RollShe's got some fun ideas for using some strips and I still have lots of unused ideas and the biggest part of a jelly roll left.

It seems like no matter how much we get done...

we make more scraps...

and come up with more ideas...

which make more scraps...

Crazy huh?!   Gotta love quilting!

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I'm slowly bagging and kitting for 2013 - think the year is full already!! I don't complain about the scrap population - they are so fun and versatile.

Debbie said...

You said it exactly....that's why our scraps multiply so fast. And I agree how can anything at 4 1/2" be quick? ;)
I do love the wonky setting for your 9 patches. So much fun to see.

Kate said...

Wow, you have a lot of fun stuff going on. But it's true, the more we make the more we want to make. I supposed that's what keeps us dong what we do.

* said...

I saw that quilt in the magazine: I think it looks great. Hope to see your progress.

KatieQ said...

You really are organized. I love the way you are putting your projects together. Your little nine patch blocs are cute. I like the look of little blocks, but don't like dealing with the 1.5 inch squares. The autumn quilt blocks look great.