Monday, December 3, 2012

Another Free Motion Quilt Challenge Completed!

Here it is December and I found a design I dearly LOVE!!  This marbled fabric is so fun to quilt on!  Thank you Linda Moran!!! Challenge is HERE

I had so much fun with this and while I was waiting on my machine to be fixed I found some more fabric in my stash that I could use to do this again, and then I purchased from Linda one more fat quarter--so this isn't the end of my quilting in this style!

A funny thing is that I did something very similar on one of my first quilts.  I followed the design in the fabric to quilt the edge.  I thought it was kind of goofy when I showed it to more experienced quilters, but I don't think that now!

This is the front of the piece:
an up close shot:
and the fun part is how the back looks!!!
One could actually quilt the marbled fabric so that the back would really be the front and then it could be made into a fun pillow!  I wish I was a little steadier with my quilting.  My asthma meds make my arms and hands a bit shakey, but I move on and love my quirkiness!


Quilting Babcia said...

Too much fun! Two Pats; two FMQ Challenges posted today with Linda's fabrics! Love your piece. The design lent itself more to free-form quilting than the one I chose for the challenge. But I have another piece!
You did a fantastic job with this, and I don't notice any erratic areas in your quilting - it looks great!

Terje said...

This is fantastic. A local quilter did something similar, following the pattern of the background fabric, and it yielded her a 1st place in our State Fair. She is quite an accomplished quilter as are you.

Linda Moran said...

Yay Pat! how it turned out. Really Gorgeous!

Joan said...

Really lovely.

Debbie said...

This turned out really wonderful! The trick is the fabric you choose and you picked a really nice one. I think it is awesome!

Helen in the UK said...

This is a fun way to quilt - congrats :)