Saturday, December 15, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Challenge

At the beginning of the year, I wanted to follow and learn through SewCal Gal's quilting challenge.  For me there were some definite challenges, but as of today, I have completed 10 of the challenges.  I finished my quilt and after I washed it, the stiffness left and I'm quite happy with it.  I'll be donating this quilt to Project Linus.

The December challenge was the border and I simplified the lesson by Patsy Thompson, but I plan on practicing the quilting ideas that she showed.  I learned on this quilt how to quilt up to the border and plan for that quilting.

I think the back shows it off better:
I filled in one of the squares of the quilt with a filler design--and I got a few of them wrong, but I didn't pick them out--I just left them and they blend in okay, I think.
There are many things I can still practice on and use in my donation quilts.  I am so happy with what I've learned.  I probably won't get to the other two challenges and the documentation needed for the contest.  I was really more interested in the challenge and I found a new source for many things in Linda Moran.  I love, love, love her fabric and will be trying something using her fabrics.

I finished a couple of Project Linus Quilts, the binding on a small quilt in my previous post and a larger one that somehow we photographed up side down.
I used some of the spiral making technique on the quilting of this one:
And I used some fun black and white flannel that I found at a local JoAnn store:
Now--onto some Christmas jammies and making a hanging sleeve for a quilt that we're giving our oldest son.  Then, there's that pair of pillowcases to round out the African quilt I did for our youngest.

Lots to do!
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Sarah Craig said...

Beautiful stuff, Pat! Looks like you're making headway on your Christmas projects!

Whoop whoop!!

Pomegranate Quilts said...

Wow wow wow! You are rocking those quilting challenges! Love the look of the whole cloth - keep up the great work

Delicate Stitchers said...

Hi Pat, I'm working on our blog and decided to visit yours. Your FMQ looks great! Mine are still just sample sandwiches. It was your blog that got me into this. I loved it. Keep me abreast of any more challenges for 2013! Happy New Year. - Peggy

Delicate Stitchers said...

Looks great Pat. Mine are still just quilt sandwiches. It was you who got me started on the FMQ challenge. Thanks.