Saturday, December 28, 2013

Looking Back for a Moment

Some of the quilts I finished this year started with the RSC13 Rainbow Scrappy found here
This one started with the pink scraps start and I added green. 

This one came from the lavender scraps I started with in February, but didn't get it finished until later in the year.
I used the lavender scraps in with a bunch of 5 inch squares that I had.

That's pretty much what I got finished from my start with the RSC13.  Maybe this year will produce more quilts.  I was interrupted this year with a trip to my sis in March and came back with three commissions.  I completed these two:
One of the ones that holds a tender place in my heart is the one I sent my favorite aunt when her husband passed.

I used a little dresser scarf my mother in law had tucked away that wasn't finished and I quilted it as a wall hanging for her Mother's Day.
I used scraps for this one and passed it on to a newlywed couple.
I gave one to my mother:

There are more, but these are the ones that stand out in my memories of 2013. 

Of course there's this one that is on its way to a finish:
that one has taken most of my thought energy and machine energy.  The border fabric is on its way and the backing is completed.  Goes to the quilter in early January.

I have some ideas for 2014, but for now I'm feeling a little melancholy as I look into the guest room as Grandpa took the bed down.

and also remembering "I shall not pass this way again."

It truly has been one of the better Christmases we've shared!  Just wish I could get a photo of daughter! (besides the back of her).  So happy they shared with us this year.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting Ready for the Weekend

It's almost here!  When we made arrangements for most of the family to go to The Piano Guys  Our son in Idaho called and wanted to bring their family down to Salt Lake for their concert.

I had already made arrangements to go to a Kurt Bestor Christmas concert that afternoon, so we will have a full day!  I remember when I first met Kurt Bestor it was many years ago when he was beginning his music career and was performing free as a favor to his former wife's principal at a state school principal's conference at Park City.  He performed Prayer of the Children that he had just written.  It moved me to tears!  I will never forget that impact! Here is a version Prayer of the Children Kurt Bestor performs his famous song, "Prayer of the Children," with Sam Cardon, Keni Yarbro, and Paul Engemann.  It has become one of my most favorite pieces to listen to at Christmas.  Last year we went to his 25th Christmas Concert and I was really amazed when I realized that twenty five years had passed.  Without wanting to miss one more of his concerts I got tickets.  Well, this year, I got them for the afternoon performance! I'm hoping for a rendition of Prayer of the Children again!  Who just couldn't love this guy!

Lucky me!  Now we get two concerts in one day!  Our daughter couldn't make arrangements until the following day but we will be able to see each of our children this year!

A customer came over for a small quilt for her mother who has just been placed in a nursing home.  She was moved to tears by this simple little quilt.  It is in her mother's favorite colors.
The colors just aren't quite true, but I was glad that I had this hanging in the closet as a UFO and she spotted it and wanted me to finish it for her mother.

While I had the clear thread out, I finished this little number that I was so disappointed in.  I just couldn't get the points right, but hanging in the hall it looks okay with my minimalist Christmas decorations.

So it is.  I'm not much into quilting for Christmas or decorating for Christmas.  I guess somewhere along my life journey, I lost that magic of Christmas.  It's not that I don't want people to enjoy the holiday, I guess it's just that I'm so idealistic that I'd love to see every child on this planet have not only one happy morning, but have a chance for a happy life always.  I suppose that would be my wish for Christmas.  Yes, I am idealistic and have the belief that maybe, day...

Wishing you and yours the best for your celebrations, whatever they are!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Looking Ahead to 2014

Just a quick note as I put my Rainbow Project away for awhile, Found Here  I talked with the customer yesterday and she loves where it is right now.  We discussed rounding the bottom and she didn't think she wanted the design altered.  We discussed pillows and shams and yes she wants them!  Didn't even bring up the center sashing as I followed the advise of and just waited to see if she (the customer) saw a problem.  Since she didn't I decided not to bring up any concerns and create a problem for her when none seemed to be present.

  • First rule when dealing with a customer:  It's THEIR QUILT

I will be needing my sewing room next week for my grandson to use when they visit, so I worked off some energy cleaning up and boy did it need it!  I'm so happy with the decluttering!!!

 I dared to hammer a few nails and took care of a longtime problem:

You can see the old flannel sheet in the background that I use as a design wall.  It works so I'll keep it.  Kind of quirky, but, oh well so am I!

I have to first finish the big project of 2013 and get it to the quilter and then to the customer, but my mind is wandering to other things I would like to do in 2014.

I've been thinking about it as I've sewn.  I have quite a few quilt patterns that I'd like to delve into.  Some are purchased and some are stored on my computer as pdf's.

Since I've just cleaned up and don't want to disturb that for at least two weeks, I'll make a beginning list for
Cat Patches New FO for 2014

  1. 2013 BOM Amish Quilt
  2. Happening Block Samples on my computer files
  3. Peacock fabric made into a quilt for my sister.  (I have the fabric somewhere, but yet to find a suitable pattern.)
  4. Circles quilts in bigger sizes for my sister.  This one was a trial of the pattern Cheryl Phillips Free Pattern
  5. New York Beauty block quilt for myself
That's a beginning!  As stressed as I've been, that is at least a start!  At this juncture, who knows what 2014 will bring, but I think I have some fun starts that will keep me occupied and challenged.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sneak Peak Update

Late in the afternoon, yesterday, I laid this top on the bed.
I had some decisions to make and I hadn't heard from my customer on this so I went to bed.  I didn't sleep well.

This is how I see it.
  • The deep purple in the center divides the quilt and it still jars me.  It needs to be changed.
  • The center of the quilt will move down to the bottom third unless I change the way I was going to do the borders.  I will leave the top at the rainbow part and increase the sides and bottom so that it will hit the floor.  The borders will look like a bed skirt.  The customer didn't want a bed skirt.  It is a large bedspread type quilt to fit her queen sized bed, so the photo shows the sizing about the way it needs to be.
  • The corners at the bottom need to be rounded a bit so that they don't trip her as she goes around the bed.
This is my proposal for changing the center sashing
The rainbow would replace the sashing at the same 1 and 1/4 inch piece going in all directions.

It's snowing outside and a perfect day to sit on the couch and rippit!  Really don't want to do this, but I have to follow my gut on this and do what I think will be more pleasing. 

Linking on over to Whoop Whoop for Friday's finishes

Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Five O'Clock Somewhere? Right?

Celebration is in order and skip the glass

Don't worry, there was just a tiny bit left in the bottle!

Last seam sewn of the center paper pieced blocks!

One quick layout on the floor to see how it looks together
I was so excited and then I notice two blocks next to each other that were exactly alike!

so, I very carefully picked the seam out and proceeded to lay out the blocks.  Do you know how many combinations of lay outs netted the same results.  There seemed to be a dozen lay outs with two blocks exactly the same.  Finally I found one, it's pinned together and I'm going to go in and sew the blocks together and add the first border.

It's 5:25 a.m.  I'll report back in another post when I have some success!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

48 Years and Counting!

With stars in my eyes and all the naivety of most young brides.  We laugh now about our bright eyed view that we could take summers off and play.  Since my husband was a teacher we dreamed about that and then as he was telling friends the other day, "Reality sort of crapped on all that."

We met in the summer of '65 while he was running the local swimming pool and I was teaching swimming.  We weren't immediately drawn to each other.  He ran the concessions and I wanted the candy, so I had to be nice to him.  Eventually, I came to quite like him and then we started dating.  That fall I went away to college at BYU with a ring on my finger.  We planned a December 3 wedding to please mostly my mom as she had to plan it.  The reception was mostly for her as she was a war bride and never had a reception.
My dad owned the local bakery and I remember the night before the reception after a hard day's work he was working on the wedding cake.  Our reception was actually a week and a day after our wedding so that hubby's parents could attend.  As with Mormon custom when a wedding occurs in one of their temples only those who are "recommended" members can attend the wedding.  So our actual wedding was very small. 

After the wedding ceremony we took pictures outside of the Manti Temple.

Since my husband was teaching school he was allowed a "sick" day for leave that day as in those days there wasn't such a thing as personal leave.

Our honeymoon was short as we both had to be back at school on the following Monday.  I continued to live at the dorms at BYU until the semester was over in January.  I look back and I wonder why in the world we allowed my mother to set our date in December so that she could decorate for the wedding.  It would have been much better had we waited and then not have to start our marriage in a long distance fashion.  But, we made it through that small bump.

Some pictures of our reception.

                               Maternal grandparents    My family

                                                   Happy Anniversary to the love of my life

Monday, November 4, 2013

Ready for the Mail!

I had a crisis yesterday!

If you're a quilter you've probably had one similar to this.  Mine was that I misplaced or at least thought I misplaced my little sewing bag that contains my sewing scissors, needles, threader etc.  I spent hours looking and the more I looked the more emotion I created!  Finally, I got dressed and went to JoAnn's the only quilting store open in UT on Sundays.

I came home after the purchase and went right to the drawer that had my sewing bag!  I knew all I really needed to do was purchase another.

So, I finished this piece by doing the binding by hand.

I got the pattern for this here: Phillips Fiber Art

What was really fun for me was that I was able to use a new thimble!  Yes!  If I would have gone to my regular LQS I would have purchased a cheaper jelly like thimble.  This was pricey, but I used my 40% off coupon and got it for around $5.
It is a Clover made thimble and the pink part is a rubber than fits like a glove.  It stays on the finger and I just love the comfort!  So my lost bag scenario has a happy ending!

I also learned how to make continuous bias binding yesterday from Missouri Quilt Company

I also tried sewing all the scraps together in another table topper.  Not knowing whether there were enough scraps I just started sewing them together.  There is a tiny bit of lapover because the degree angles weren't quite right, but it is close enough for a leftover and I think it's kind of cute.
I'll be sending these off today for my sister.  She had some round smaller tables for which she needed a cover. I had a small piece of butterflies in the autumn tones and other fabrics in small amounts that worked together for this pattern.   I'll be trying a bigger one after I work on the commissioned quilt some more.  I think I'm addicted to these quilts.  They are so much fun!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board...

When I was ready with strips of rainbow batiks to add between the two squares, I just wasn't happy with the look.  Now I have to refigure the measurements and the mental work of that took quite a bit of energy.  As I looked at the strip I decided that was all that was needed between the four quadrants.

Here are two:
I made an order for more of the deep purple, but the gal was at the quilt market and couldn't process the order right away, so I'm waiting for more of that in hopes the colors won't be off and I don't want to sew more until I get the new as they had two different color names.

So I quilted.

I finished these two small quilts for Project Linus:

I enjoyed just doing free meandering and got them whipped up in no time.  I have two more quilts that I quilted while at it, but the binding isn't completed yet.  These two quilts used up the balance of my "No Girls Allowed" fabric and the cowboy boot fabric.  Hardly a dent was noticed in my stash!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just a Seam Here and There

Funny how inspiration to quilt comes and goes.  I've been rather stuck on my commissioned quilt lately.  I've just not wanted to sew on it, so I finished a couple of UFO's seen in my last two posts.  I finished up a quarter blocking of the quilt and just didn't want to sew it together as the seams have to be so perfect!

Here's one row completed.

Here's the rest of the big block on the design wall.

I finished up the foundation papers I've had for a few years.  I purchased a 100 piece set from That Patchwork Place and they are thinner than copy paper, but still a bit hard to remove.  I do notice I'm getting better as I go along at removing all the little pieces of paper.

I needed some more, but the shop I got them from is a good 40 minutes from here, and I kept putting off going to the shop.  I did find some June Tailor Foundation Sheets at a nearby JoAnn's and I used a coupon to purchase them.  I was a bit hesitant to use them, but oh my I do love how they sew.

I haven't yet tried to take the paper off from the fabric, but I'm sure that I will love it.

Here's a few blocks I have ready to add the finishing in order to make a block.
It was amazing that after I cut some orange to add to these
I was more ready to sew more blocks!  I was getting tired of the greens and the blues with just that bit of red as a counterpoint of color.

I have a few blocks ready to square up.

And, then you know how hard it is to make that first cut?   Well, I was having trouble taking my strips and making the beginning of a piano keys type sashing, but I made a few seams on these.
Today, I plan on getting the big block sewn together and the piano keys sewn and cut and then assemble the two big blocks I have ready and make it


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Another UFO Bites the Dust!

I thought I'd do one more quilt before getting back to making blocks for my commissioned quilt.  It's always fun to have a finish.  This one will go to Project Linus.

As you can see, the quilting is done with Organic Lines--that means the quilter doesn't worry about whether or not the lines are straight.  It's a fun way to quilt if you don't have a very big throat on you DSM, which I don't.  I think it would be even more fun with a bigger space in the throat area.  But, it's done and hopefully I can get it to the drop off place either today or tomorrow.  

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Beautiful Fall Day and a Quilty One at That!

The crisp autumn air and the clear skies are a great combination for a newly completed quilt.

And, another shot
And one more spot in the yard
and my wonky quilting

 This quilt will be a gift for a friend.

I also got some blocks ready to send to Sunshine Quilts for the monthly Lotto.