Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Taking Longer Than I Thought

I started quilting yesterday and thought I'd breeze through it, but it's taken longer than I thought.  I knew I'd need some breaks, but they've been longer than I'd planned. 

My machine is a Bernina 180 and my style is wonky--can't seem to get the control some quilters have, but I'm making progress.

My spirals are especially wonky and I hope they look okay with this very traditional style blocks. 

Getting anxious for the finish.  I love seeing them after they are washed.


Quilting Babcia said...

Never fear, you won't see any wonkyness in your spirals after the quilt shrinks up a bit in washing! It'll be beautiful!

Carol E. said...

You'll get there. This step always takes me longer than I expect or want.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think it looks terrific - and washing is going to give it that crinkly snuggle goodness.

Debbie said...

Spirals are fun and yours are not that wonky, and won't show after washing anyway. The lack of control you feel could be coming from the size of spiral you are doing....larger is harder to keep even. My sizes are all over the place to hide that fact. Throw a few loops and curls in there and confuse any one who is looking.

sophie said...

We seem to be on the same path--I am also having that, "it's taking longer than I thought" experience at the moment. I sympathize. I am also quilting traditional blocks (albeit in what one commenter called a "Hodeg Podge" arrangement) in a looser-than-traditional way.

I think your spirals look great and I know that once that quilt is washed and gets it's crinkle on, your quilting design is going to looks just perfect.