Wednesday, January 23, 2013

There's Hardly Any Room in my Head for Any More!

It took me awhile to get the fog out of my head from the cold/flu that I had.  I couldn't even begin to think about what to do with the coming year and the projects I wanted to include.  Today, I'm feeling an overload!  It seems like there is more than I can funnel into such a small space!

Over MLK Holiday, we had a grand over for a "sleepover."  She and I had a blast!  We made a carry all:
Post cards for her cousins, but I only have one picture:

These weren't true fabric post cards as we used post cardstock for the back or the address side.  Pink for the girls and red for the boys is how it turned out.

She used my Featherweight and after going over safety and how to start/stop she was let loose to design and this Robot is what she designed and sewed.
before she got up I finished the binding on this little quilt I worked on during January:
 and the backing
So that's two quilts now for Project Linus...and it's still only January.  Now, tomorrow I'll get the blocks off to Sunshine.  Finally got my letter off to the inmate that I write too, so I'm feeling like I've accomplished something today--yeah and even an long phone conversation with my sis.

I got a card ready for a post card swap
This is a true fabric post card with just fabric and it's going to the UK.  I do hope it's okay.  It's my fourth trial run and I decided to finish it up and send it off and work more for next month.  The color looks more yellow than it really is.  It's an ivory fabric probably used in upholstery and I used rayon thread in pink.  I'm not too crazy how the top turned out, but I could spend hours on this and I've got to let go sometime!  

I've got my doll quilt started for sending off in February--see side bar.  I'll show it when it's done.  It started with a spare block in red and I found some fun fabrics.  I was going to use it as a table topper, but it fits the theme for February so well, I'll finish it up for that.  Can't wait to get that done.  I'll be practicing more of my newly learned quilting styles.

We're scrambling for papers for a refi on our house.  Things are looking good and hopefully we can save some of the money that went for interest toward some fun things in 2013!  Getting all the papers together though is like doing tax prep!  UGH!

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