Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look What I Received in the Mail Today!

I love it when the mail comes and I have such a fun surprise.  This little precious quilt came from Karen Karen's Blog Found Here

Look at those sweet hearts and one in ABC fabric.  Also look at her clever cloud quilting in the upper right hand corner.  She made a cute little gift basket from folding fabric: you can see it at the left of the picture.  There was a marking pencil, a Clover threader and a soft "jelly" thimble.  Oh, I needed one of those as the LQS didn't have my size when I was looking for one.

A close up of the cute little block hanging from the bird wire.  ...and aren't those birds adorable?!

My entry hall with the new quilt:

Thanks, Karen!  This has been fun!  I hope that yours arrives by tomorrow!


Teresa Nance said...

I love what you received in the mail! It is darling.

karen flick said...

You are so welcome!! I am just getting my quilt pictures up! New at this! Thanks for the quilt and card again!