Friday, February 8, 2013

Whoop Whoop Friday!

Sometimes the size of the backing dictates the size of the quilt!  :-)  Anyhow it did in this case.  I was going to put a border on this quilt and then I checked my backings and the size of the quilt fit exactly one piece of flannel.  So, like any frugal quilter, I used that backing.

This quilt started as a RSC13 pink challenge at the end of January and now it is complete and ready for donation.  I've been learning some different quilting styles, but for many of my donation quilts I use a free motion meander stitch and I love how it washes up in the quilt.

The finished quilt:

and the before picture:
The quilting just makes it seem inviting and ready to cuddle.  This quilt will go to Project Linus, locally.

Yesterday I mailed a top for the Super Bowl Sunday Sewing day at Sunshine.  This top will be quilted by another Sunshine member and then sent on to Wrap A Smile for children who are coming out of surgery for cleft palate.

I recently received a request from my daughter for a 24" pillow cover for her son who is a junior in high school.  In 2009 I worked on a quilt for him:

He recently purchased a pillow and my daughter wanted a cover that would match.  Well, I had just completed some crumb quilts last fall and used up nearly all of that leftover fabric.  I had a few small pieces and incorporated them into this pillow for my surfing grandson:

I also finished this doll quilt for my partner and she should be receiving it today:

The picture of the quilting lady has hair that is a bit longer and a bit more strawberry blonde than its recipient, but I hope she enjoys the quilt and can see some resemblance to herself.  It was fun making it and after starting another quilt for her that eventually ended up as a gift for my MIL
I ended up with a whole new direction and a quilt that was a lot more bright.  I hope she has her sunglasses on when she opens it and I surely hope she isn't offended by the brightness!  We didn't talk about music being one of her favorites, but the fabric just went so well!  ...and doesn't everyone enjoy some sort of music?

Well, that all for this Friday. 

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Stella Nemeth said...

You have been very busy. I like your sense of color. Most of the projects you showed just appealed to me in that way. Made me smile.

a maidenhair fern said...

Just beautiful, your pink and green log cabin quilt. It's very eye catching. congrats on a great finish!

P. said...

Wow, lots of fun things to see today! Love that pillow and your doll quilt, especially the quilt lady in the middle!

Kat said...

You are one busy lady! I love all your projects but probably the green & pink quilt the best. I just recently starting doing FMQ and I love how it gives a quilt such texture and that extra "cuddle factor." Your before and after photos are such a great example of that.

Quilting Babcia said...

What great projects! Love that doll quilt. You've had a very productive week!

Connie said...

Beautiful projects, you have been busy!

Teresa Nance said...

I love your quilting projects! Great job!!!

rubyslipperz said...

WOW!! there are some might fine projects, girl!!