Monday, May 20, 2013

A Few Distractions of Late!

Now that three quilts are done and mailed off, I have more to finish and it seems that I have had endless distractions that have taken me away from quilting. 

I did have lunch with the gals I went to California recently and one of the gals had taken the sea shells and made a cute little centerpiece and then I made a mat for them to sit on.  I added to that some of the things my oldest son sent me from Hawaii while he lived there and then I still had some shells from my sis when she lived in Virginia Beach.

Some photos from Newport Beach:

It was such a fun trip!

Now that I'm home, I still have a new iphone that I have totally figured out and the earphones don't seem to work for me so I need to go back to the store and then I need to head the other way--to Bountiful and take my computer in.  It's giving me some problems even after it was serviced while I was away!  Seems like all I've been doing is running around!

One Sunshine quilt on the machine that I didn't get finished yesterday and two on the spare bed that need binding!  ...maybe today...but then I've been saying that for two weeks now...can't believe I've been home for two weeks and don't have any more to show for my time here!

We did take some time yesterday to see Mud the movie with Michael McConaughey.  That was a nail biter!  Great movie!!!

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