Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May "me" Week

This week I've been sewing my heart out!

Finished this quilt for Project Linus:

Yesterday I made this top and didn't even dent my "strings" drawer.
Monday I finished these tops:

Yes, some were almost finished and just needed borders, but some were from the start.  The tops will be added to my Project Linus bag and I'll let someone else finish them.  I've just got to clear things out so that I can work on my Commissioned Quilt.  The fabrics for that should be here next week!  I'm so excited.  Hopefully today I can play with the block a bit.

After reading the Sunshine Quilters Yahoo Group last night, I cut some green 3.5 inch squares and added them to some blocks that I had won in a lotto recently.
...and I nearly forgot this little quilt that went into the mail yesterday for my swap partner for May.

I also ordered more labels:

(Gutentags on etsy)

And now for some May beauty from our yard.

That was a fun little break and now back to some sewing.  If I haven't visited your blog, it's cause I'm so busy sewing!!!!  Visiting blogs...maybe Sunday!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lovely, lovely work - yes, you have been sewing your heart out! And oh, the flowers. I just love the blossom sharing as we are so far behind in the season.

Kate said...

Way to go! Great quilts, great flowers! Kathleen

Helen in the UK said...

Great job on all those quilts! Keep on quilting :)