Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strings and Crumbs

If you've read my blog more than once you know how much I love strings!  I make many quilts using strings--mostly scrappy fabric about 2-2.5 inches wide and sometimes I use even a string as little as 1.25 inches.  I know crazy, but they look great.

I've finished a few quilt tops this week using up some of the smaller pieces of my strings and then combining them onto a longer strip (string) making what many call crumb quilts.

On a yahoo group there was a call out for some quilts ready to be sent to Russia by July 4 of this year.  I had some crumbs lying around and some that needed finishing.

Here are a couple that I've cut the backing to match.

Because of my trying to meet a deadline, these quilts use big pieces of fabric and just a couple of rows of strings.  They'll be quilted quite closely and I'll be able to add to the list of donated quilts for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Another quilt top I finished came from an idea from that Sunshine Yahoo Group.  One of the main contributors Carol E. (blog found  HERE )posted a picture of a string quilt going vertically.  I thought about the black strips I had purchased in a large bag of strings.  I used the strings, then I made some stars from the box of cuttings from my bindings.  I also had a strip of strings already sewn together and I added a few more crumb blocks and another star and then ended with a couple of 3.5 inch strings.

I'm not sure I can part with this one.  I love the black and the warm tones with it.  But, it has some "boy" stuff in there and it will probably find its way to Project Linus.  I just need to find the right backing!

Here are some other quilt tops I put together the first part of this week.
These will be sandwiched when I can find a suitable backing. I surely do hope that I can finish these and add to the quilts for Russia.  If not since the one quilt is from Sunshine Lotto, I will donate to either Wrap a Smile or Quilts Beyond Borders.

Over at Festival of Strings  are some great string quilt ideas. 

and over to Whoop Whoop Friday


Kate said...

Way to go pattilou! Love all of them...

sophie said...

A looming deadline might have been the reason for using some large pieces of fabric in some of the quilts, but I really like the effect of adding all that plain (negative) space to the more complex crumb blocks.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You have been wonderfully creatively busy!!

Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Great idea to use the wide pieces between the crumbs. Finishes much faster! How giving of you to donate them.