Thursday, June 27, 2013


Yesterday while I sewed more blocks for the rainbow quilt for my client, I felt relief in the news from the Supreme Court making way for gay marriage.

This is my design wall so far.
Not all colors represented yet and this is just placement for now, and probably not how it will be placed for the quilt, but I just love seeing the progress!

...and I love thinking about this kind of progress
... well probably not in Utah any too soon, but I'm so happy California can now again allow marriage to all who want it!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Opportunities

Each summer presents new opportunities and this week I got to share a few days with a granddaughter.  It's always nice to get that call and hear her ask if she can have a sleepover!

We made a dress for her and her doll--sorry no pics.  I was glad I had one 2 yard piece left in a pink/green print that she liked!  I don't have many of those pieces anymore.  I've been trying to use up my stash and that helped. 

I did get this quilt bound at the first of the week,

and then I finished this one too,
This one was my attempt at using up some green print and trying it in a modern style.  Don't know if modern and me mix very well, but, I love, love, love the yellow!  I can see now that there are some small adjustments I could have made, but I didn't see it at the time.  I guess it's a process!   This quilts is a soft quilt and will be welcome somewhere, I'm sure.  My quilter tried doing organic lines and was able to practice free style a bit on this one!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Paper Piecing 101

This blog post is really for me.  I have 144 blocks to make and the time it took me to make one, I'm not sure how long it will take me to finish this quilt for a client.  She chose the pattern which is a paper pieced one.  I've been searching for fabrics and found the perfect colors and make a special order with Vicki Welch

This is the first block that is completed correctly and I'm showing the steps in making it and the mistakes I made along the way so that I can open my ipad and follow it and hopefully not make the same mistakes twice!  (or 143 times)
I followed the cutting instructions for the pieces, but on the first one, I didn't use the correct strips for the purple and ended up with the one at the top of the picture.  I'll have to make a quarter circle to cover the part that isn't long enough.

This picture shows how my dyslexia works.  This seems to be a problem, not only for me, but quilters who don't like paper piecing.  I couldn't reverse the process in my brain and I sewed the green piece on the wron side of the purple so that when it folded over it didn't cover the space it was supposed to.

 This is the CORRECT way
Next, cut along the seam line at one quarter inch.  I couldn't find the right tool, but the one I used worked just fine.

Next,sew the fabric for the next background,
Then add the next spike,
Whoops...there's a wrinkle. 
Pick it out, then I tried a bit of washable glue stick...

then re-apply the green straight piece,
Notice that this was a bit short because I'd trimmed it.  Rather than wasting the whole section, I turned it over to sew as you see in the picture above the pattern.

Next add some purple...

and whoops that wasn't up to the top enough, so pick out (AGAIN) and this is how it should look:
Hooray!  Success so far!


Then get the final side piece attached...
For the top circular piece that pattern called for a template, but in the past I've used wax paper sheets I get at the local quilt store and run the pattern through my printer and then I have a piece that can be place on the corner and thus eliminate cutting the fabric again.  I can then peel the paper off and use it again and again.
Now for the pinning to attach the two pieces

and then press
trim and you have a perfect paper pieced block!

I've gone through the process as I did the second block and it makes sense to me, but if it doesn't make sense to you, let me know what I need to say to clear it up. Thanks, Pattilou

Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday's Report

I'm not very original in the title of my post today.  I'm just trying to finish up projects.  My client's fabric arrived this week and I am stoked about it, but I still have some loose ends I'd like to finish and my week hasn't cooperated.  When hubby asked me what I was going to do today, I replied, "What I didn't get to yesterday!"  But, then I did forget that I finished the binding on this quilt that I've blogged about before.
After finishing it last night hubby asked if I wasn't going to wash it.  Well, they are much lovelier after they've been washed so I did.  I didn't grab a photo before washing, but it is so nice the way it puffs up.
Another shot:
and the backing:
This quilt really appealed to one of my sister's and since it's her birthday next week, I'll be mailing it off to her! 
I did get three quilts ready for binding.
and then this one from my lotto wins at Sunshine Yahoo Group.
That photo looks a bit blurry.  Sorry about that, but now the quilt hanger is gone for his workout.  LOL!
See the finished quilts HERE:
I visited a nursery near our home.  I think its been here for awhile, but this is the first time I went and I can assure you, it won't be the last.  We've been driving way too far for the other nursery.  I could kick myself for not stopping sooner!  They had some lovely starts!  ...and baskets galore!
Have a lovely productive Friday and a super weekend!

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