Tuesday, August 6, 2013

I Keep Checking the Weather...

and there's no change.  Well, at least it has dipped below seventy at night, which makes for a bit cooler days.  No more triple digits, but it is still hot.  Thank goodness for the little fan we purchased at Costco earlier in the summer before we really needed it.  I have it going 24/7 as well as the two ceiling fans in the house.  Our patio is even too hot to enjoy, except for the early morning coffee.

It has taken a bite out of my energy and my quilt making!

Family came for the weekend and we enjoyed the visit,

                                                      shooting off rockets at the high school

... but now that they've left I feel my peace and quiet is so sublime!  The doors stayed closed and the house was a good 10 degrees cooler yesterday!

...do I sound like an old lady???
I'd rather be this...
I turn on my Pandora to "happy" music and I feel more like the second one!  This morning after playing Farmville for two hours in the middle of the night, I'm dragging, but now that I've had two cups of Java, I'm starting to feel like Pattilou rather than some zombie in my body. 

A friend of ours was booted out of the bedroom that she lived in the the home of her daughter. She's 82.  She is now living with a friend in an apartment so I thought I make a little lap quilt for her.  She likes pink.  My Sunshine quilt lotto blocks I won for June, came in and saved the day!  Thanks Sunnies!

It is now ready to bind.
I'll be so glad to get a HQ Sweet 16.  But for now, I do what I can on my little Bernie.  I did a combination of swirls and loops, and stitch in the ditch.  I could quilt more, but I've still got that commissioned quilt waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Today I'll make some bright blocks!  So glad that I gave myself a year for the completion of that one!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Family first. We have gotten cooler too - nights into the 50's - good sleeping weather. Love the pink quilt and I am sure she will love it - you hear that happening more and more, shame on the family.

Paula, the quilter said...

You will love a sweet 16. I got mine in June. My advice is to stick with the same thread for about 6 months and practice practice practice.

Anonymous said...

It is always fun to see where a lotto block ends up. I'm happy to have it in the quilt for your friend!

Helen in the UK said...

We had a heatwave for a few weeks and funny thing is I quilted more because I didn't want to leave the house! Cooled a little now and we have a proper British summer again rather than a Mediterranean one!
Love how you've used your lotto blocks :)

Sheila said...

I'm sure your friend will love your quilt. It's beautiful.
Our weather this summer has been unusual. Wet and not as hot. Usually it's very hot and very dry.