Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Again!

The weeks roll in and out so quickly, sometimes I forget about my blog.  I've been doing Facebook more and more rather than blogging and I forget that sometimes a longer more detailed version of my quilting is more desirable rather than the choppy micro bits often used on FB.

My sister has been gone since Tuesday and I miss her terribly!  She had to return to work and it has kept her busy so that we haven't talked since she left.  Quick little texting messages just don't replace her being here.  She doesn't allow photos.  She jokes about going through life with the face she has, but I've found that those who value her don't even notice the fact that she quickly curls her hair and then she's done with the beauty regime for the day.  She simply wears tee shirts and Levis, right now it's a shorter length and in the winter it's the long length.  She has clients that just love her and praise her more than anyone could ever know, that is unless you stay with her as I did in March and meet these people that willingly come to her a least once a week for their "Pam Fix".  I love how her mind works.  It works in and around the holes in mine that make me grateful that I have help with the sometimes problems we face in life.  She can dismantle problems and look at the working vs. nonworking parts of thought patterns and gives viable solutions that just simplify the process/patterns we all have as humans.

The rain we've had here this week hasn't helped my melancholy, but my hands have been busy as my sore muscles tell me.

I have a wedding to attend of a young one I've come to know and I wanted to give a quilt.  I had one in the closet that I'd pieced and I just needed to add a couple more rows and it made it a bit bigger than my usual donation quilts.  I just couldn't quite give this one away and now I'm glad that I didn't.

I'm in the process of quilting it and it's turned into a much bigger project than I had bargained for I think.  I've been working on it for three days now, on and off of course as the pulling of the quilt through my small home machine has been quite hard on my shoulders and my right forearm.  I've ended up quilting more than I had originally intended, but I've used some of the things I learned in the quilting challenges I completed in 2012.

Before I started the quilting I completed one section of my "rainbow" quilt. That took nearly a day to piece it together as the seams had to match perfectly.

Bits and pieces of progress towards the next one litter my sewing room.

I wanted to make a doll quilt for the monthly swap and ended up putting some blocks together I had let languish in a baggie.  I found this magazine and at the time I purchased it, I had no idea who Gwen Marston was, but that was before my Liberated Quilter's Yahoo Group!
The pieces were very small and the corners were cut off in the little quilt I put together and so it will still remain unfinished for now as I didn't think it quite right to finish and send across the pond to my partner.
Maybe I'll make a table mat for the front hall in my house, maybe not.  Maybe the mismatched corners won't show up so much after quilting--who knows!  Maybe I'll have a hot pot holder!

Then I tried some other scraps and thought I could make a little quilt.
Don't like it.  I've picked out the flying geese more times than I care, and I still think a couple should go the other way.  Maybe I'll do that and maybe not, but, I have some little heart fabric that maybe could turn this into a Project Linus Quilt.
I'll show a corner of the Doll Quilt that seems to make me happier...

 Well, that's it for this Sunday morning.  Now instead of quilting all day, I think I'll try and make hubby a bit happier and go on a little outing he's planned.


Helen in the UK said...

I hope we get a proper look at the bigger quilt when it is done and gifted. The first section of the rainbow quilt is looking great :)

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Yes, would love to see more of the big quilt when finished. All lovely projects - don't be so critical of yourself - you may see those bits of missing points, uneven seams, wrong directions, but the person receiving is going to see the love and care and creativity of you.