Thursday, October 31, 2013

Back to the Drawing Board...

When I was ready with strips of rainbow batiks to add between the two squares, I just wasn't happy with the look.  Now I have to refigure the measurements and the mental work of that took quite a bit of energy.  As I looked at the strip I decided that was all that was needed between the four quadrants.

Here are two:
I made an order for more of the deep purple, but the gal was at the quilt market and couldn't process the order right away, so I'm waiting for more of that in hopes the colors won't be off and I don't want to sew more until I get the new as they had two different color names.

So I quilted.

I finished these two small quilts for Project Linus:

I enjoyed just doing free meandering and got them whipped up in no time.  I have two more quilts that I quilted while at it, but the binding isn't completed yet.  These two quilts used up the balance of my "No Girls Allowed" fabric and the cowboy boot fabric.  Hardly a dent was noticed in my stash!

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