Friday, October 4, 2013

Finally, a Post!

I've been so busy with stuff like this:
that I've hardly had any time at the sewing machine.  I feel like I'm going into overload.  I still have some peaches in the fridge that could be made into Peach Salsa which I tried this year for the first time and found that we really really love it!  Ron brought in some tomatoes last night, and I'm still trying to decide.  Eat the tomatoes or make salsa.  Right now we are hoping that tomorrow brings some kind of warm so that we can get some paint on the bare wood molding around the back door.  He's sanded it all down and we bought the paint for that and then the deck oil so that we can get that north door ready for our cold Utah winters.  The snow just seems to pile on that back porch!  Sometimes he gets it off and sometimes---well not quite!

I made deep fried chicken and then fried green tomatoes on night and we felt like we were in the South with all that Southern cooking.  Both of us remember chicken coated in flour and then fried in lots of grease for Sunday dinners.  Haven't fixed chicken like that in such a long while.  Kentucky Fried Chicken just can't compare.   And do you know, that the first Kentucky Fried Chicken sit down restaurant was in Utah?  In Salt Lake City even.  I remember going to it as a kid when the folks brought us to the big city--oh way back when!

I did get this quilt finished and sent off to my partner, Margaret in England.  It was supposed to be a quilt within a quilt.  I just couldn't think of how to make a quilt within a quilt so I just did a September quilt.

Margaret found the quilt within the quilt on the back!  (Oh am I ever lucky she's so resourceful!)
I tried just practicing some of my quilting learned last year so that I could still be in practice with it and with that said, it does take practice and I haven't.  But I did try!
Some closeups of the front:

I got Margaret's package from England today and it is just amazing.  It is truly a quilt within a quilt!
First for the quilt with

Her piecing is just perfect and I love the silk string the clothes line is made from and the quilting within that quilt.

Now for the bigger picture:
And a closeup of the trees:
And the way she made her label into a hanging sleeve:
This is just so much fun to receive!

Also received in today's mail was from a friend in Salt Lake City:
 the doily!  Isn't that a great one!  I would love to make this into a whole cloth quilt.  Has anyone had experience putting a doily on a quilt.  Been wanting to try that for awhile and now with this doily I'd like to do that and gift it back to her. 


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I am appled out and we are down to the last few tomatos. My SIL did the few pears we got this year, so I didn't have that to deal with. I saw both doll quilts on the doll site - I think they are both wonderful!!

Helen in the UK said...

Glad to see that although you're not doing much quilting you are keeping busy! Love the patterns you did on your mini quilt :)