Monday, November 4, 2013

Ready for the Mail!

I had a crisis yesterday!

If you're a quilter you've probably had one similar to this.  Mine was that I misplaced or at least thought I misplaced my little sewing bag that contains my sewing scissors, needles, threader etc.  I spent hours looking and the more I looked the more emotion I created!  Finally, I got dressed and went to JoAnn's the only quilting store open in UT on Sundays.

I came home after the purchase and went right to the drawer that had my sewing bag!  I knew all I really needed to do was purchase another.

So, I finished this piece by doing the binding by hand.

I got the pattern for this here: Phillips Fiber Art

What was really fun for me was that I was able to use a new thimble!  Yes!  If I would have gone to my regular LQS I would have purchased a cheaper jelly like thimble.  This was pricey, but I used my 40% off coupon and got it for around $5.
It is a Clover made thimble and the pink part is a rubber than fits like a glove.  It stays on the finger and I just love the comfort!  So my lost bag scenario has a happy ending!

I also learned how to make continuous bias binding yesterday from Missouri Quilt Company

I also tried sewing all the scraps together in another table topper.  Not knowing whether there were enough scraps I just started sewing them together.  There is a tiny bit of lapover because the degree angles weren't quite right, but it is close enough for a leftover and I think it's kind of cute.
I'll be sending these off today for my sister.  She had some round smaller tables for which she needed a cover. I had a small piece of butterflies in the autumn tones and other fabrics in small amounts that worked together for this pattern.   I'll be trying a bigger one after I work on the commissioned quilt some more.  I think I'm addicted to these quilts.  They are so much fun!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

They are both wonderful. I hate those 'hunt and search' days - and I've had too many lately.

Helen in the UK said...

Glad your shopping trip had a happy ending! Love the table topper you made :)

QuiltinGal said...

I must get one of the thimbles from clover. My thimbles fall off way to easy. Cute center piece.

made by ChrissieD said...

Great story and table toppers and I love that you new thimble is the same colour as the binding of both! :D

Connie said...

Beautiful work and I keep forgetting I bought a couple of their rulers!! I don't do much hand stitching but that looks like a great thimble! Thanks for sharing.
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