Tuesday, December 3, 2013

48 Years and Counting!

With stars in my eyes and all the naivety of most young brides.  We laugh now about our bright eyed view that we could take summers off and play.  Since my husband was a teacher we dreamed about that and then as he was telling friends the other day, "Reality sort of crapped on all that."

We met in the summer of '65 while he was running the local swimming pool and I was teaching swimming.  We weren't immediately drawn to each other.  He ran the concessions and I wanted the candy, so I had to be nice to him.  Eventually, I came to quite like him and then we started dating.  That fall I went away to college at BYU with a ring on my finger.  We planned a December 3 wedding to please mostly my mom as she had to plan it.  The reception was mostly for her as she was a war bride and never had a reception.
My dad owned the local bakery and I remember the night before the reception after a hard day's work he was working on the wedding cake.  Our reception was actually a week and a day after our wedding so that hubby's parents could attend.  As with Mormon custom when a wedding occurs in one of their temples only those who are "recommended" members can attend the wedding.  So our actual wedding was very small. 

After the wedding ceremony we took pictures outside of the Manti Temple.

Since my husband was teaching school he was allowed a "sick" day for leave that day as in those days there wasn't such a thing as personal leave.

Our honeymoon was short as we both had to be back at school on the following Monday.  I continued to live at the dorms at BYU until the semester was over in January.  I look back and I wonder why in the world we allowed my mother to set our date in December so that she could decorate for the wedding.  It would have been much better had we waited and then not have to start our marriage in a long distance fashion.  But, we made it through that small bump.

Some pictures of our reception.

                               Maternal grandparents    My family

                                                   Happy Anniversary to the love of my life


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Happy Anniversary - gosh, the two of you haven't changed a bit.

KimP said...

Happy Anniversary - you made my day posting those photos - what a lot of fun!!!

Helen in the UK said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved your Christmassy red/white wedding theme, but then I'm a sucker for red :)