Thursday, December 19, 2013

Getting Ready for the Weekend

It's almost here!  When we made arrangements for most of the family to go to The Piano Guys  Our son in Idaho called and wanted to bring their family down to Salt Lake for their concert.

I had already made arrangements to go to a Kurt Bestor Christmas concert that afternoon, so we will have a full day!  I remember when I first met Kurt Bestor it was many years ago when he was beginning his music career and was performing free as a favor to his former wife's principal at a state school principal's conference at Park City.  He performed Prayer of the Children that he had just written.  It moved me to tears!  I will never forget that impact! Here is a version Prayer of the Children Kurt Bestor performs his famous song, "Prayer of the Children," with Sam Cardon, Keni Yarbro, and Paul Engemann.  It has become one of my most favorite pieces to listen to at Christmas.  Last year we went to his 25th Christmas Concert and I was really amazed when I realized that twenty five years had passed.  Without wanting to miss one more of his concerts I got tickets.  Well, this year, I got them for the afternoon performance! I'm hoping for a rendition of Prayer of the Children again!  Who just couldn't love this guy!

Lucky me!  Now we get two concerts in one day!  Our daughter couldn't make arrangements until the following day but we will be able to see each of our children this year!

A customer came over for a small quilt for her mother who has just been placed in a nursing home.  She was moved to tears by this simple little quilt.  It is in her mother's favorite colors.
The colors just aren't quite true, but I was glad that I had this hanging in the closet as a UFO and she spotted it and wanted me to finish it for her mother.

While I had the clear thread out, I finished this little number that I was so disappointed in.  I just couldn't get the points right, but hanging in the hall it looks okay with my minimalist Christmas decorations.

So it is.  I'm not much into quilting for Christmas or decorating for Christmas.  I guess somewhere along my life journey, I lost that magic of Christmas.  It's not that I don't want people to enjoy the holiday, I guess it's just that I'm so idealistic that I'd love to see every child on this planet have not only one happy morning, but have a chance for a happy life always.  I suppose that would be my wish for Christmas.  Yes, I am idealistic and have the belief that maybe, day...

Wishing you and yours the best for your celebrations, whatever they are!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love the soft blend of colors in the quilt. Enjoy your concerts. I agree - you should give of yourself every day not just one.

Connie said...

Beautiful quilt and I hope you really enjoy your concert! Thanks for sharing.
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Helen in the UK said...

How wonderful that you had the perfect quilt top ready and waiting for the right recipient. We only do minimal xmas decs too, with no small children to please it isn't worth the effort.
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)

LynCC said...

Your minimalist Christmas décor is beautiful, don't feel apologetic. :) It's a quieter way of celebrating the sentiments, is all. I love your mini, by the way.