Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My February New Projects

I had a list starting out the month so that I could sort for myself just where I wanted to spend my time.  Now, with my desk cleaned off and my bags nearly packed for my two weeks in Atlanta, I can't find my list!  But, I just have one quilt that I didn't get completed, due to some heavy phone time with my sis towards the end of last week.  I joked with her though that the time I was spending on the phone would take away from getting her quilt done.
This pillow was requested by my daughter for her son around Christmas time and I finally got to it.  They are both pleased with the results.  NewFO #1

This little quilt was a joy to make.  It is for a doll quilt swap and my first doll quilt for this.  I was a little unsure at how it would be received, but Karen loved it.  (whew)  I guess this could be a double count as it was a new project and finished in February.  *smile*

Lots of blocks started and lots of projects in the making, but for now this is what I'll post.  Next month, I'll be better about posting the pictures of the blocks in separate pictures.

Gosh, now that I've just shared the new projects from my list, it doesn't seem to spectacular, but at least I'm starting March with a mini vacation and a very short quilting list.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's Snowing Again! When Will Spring Come?

Big white fluffy flakes!  We could get as much as a foot of snow before this storm wears out.  We're all weary of winter, except for the die hard skiers!

So, I quilt!
This is a quilt for my sister.  It's liberated in that it isn't for a wall, but for a window.  I have another almost like it for the second one.  I'm just waiting on a shipment of batting for the other one to get started.  Because it's for a window covering, I quilted it more than I usually do for quilts.

Before I started quilting it, I decided to add one more border.  I couldn't decide between the two and at first I added the lighter tone, and now with the darker around the edge, I like it better.

I used several types of quilting.
I'm wanting to go just do some mindless sewing, or piecing or something, but I'll get to the border soon, as my sis needs this by mid month.

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Catch Up

I'm catching up this Saturday.  I've sewed three hearts for the RSC13 (see side bar for link)

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Sewed a border on the wall quilt for my sister--there's one more nearly like this that lacks the border.

Although these were done on Monday so that I could get them in the mail, I'll post them here.  I totally forgot the fancy stitching on two of them.  I was trying to get them done and into the mail before an appointment we had in South Salt Lake.
The two on the right are all fabric and the two on the left have a card backing.  That uses up my card backings that I'd previously cut.  Now, I'll just be using fabric backing.

It's still early in the day, but at least I got my purple challenge done for the day.  Who knows maybe I'll get those wall hangings done and ready for mailing before the weekend is over.  I've been toying with some cards for my etsy shop.  I don't have everything I need to post them here, yet.  I'm hoping I have something that I could sell there.  I've ruled out making quilts for that shop.  I'd rather make quilts for donation, but things may change.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tumbling Nines Quilt is now Finished

In Autumn 2009 a quilt appeared in McCalls that I thought I could make.  I started making nine patches using 1.5 inch scraps and the quilt soon moved from the FAST Quilts that was the heading of the magazine to the "I'll get to it someday."  Last fall some Laurel Burch fabric was on sale at Stitch N Frame and I ordered some Caribbean blue for the background.  I then started making the blocks and decided I'd cut the quilt down as I'd never get 125 blocks for the one listed in this book.  I didn't know if I liked the fabric with my blocks, but now that it's done, I do.
I used some wonky stars for the quilting

Since I had an abundance of fabric, I used the same fabric on the back
I think that list I made at the first of the month is helping me move through some projects--that and the snow outside. 

Keep warm everyone!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Whoop Whoop Friday!

Sometimes the size of the backing dictates the size of the quilt!  :-)  Anyhow it did in this case.  I was going to put a border on this quilt and then I checked my backings and the size of the quilt fit exactly one piece of flannel.  So, like any frugal quilter, I used that backing.

This quilt started as a RSC13 pink challenge at the end of January and now it is complete and ready for donation.  I've been learning some different quilting styles, but for many of my donation quilts I use a free motion meander stitch and I love how it washes up in the quilt.

The finished quilt:

and the before picture:
The quilting just makes it seem inviting and ready to cuddle.  This quilt will go to Project Linus, locally.

Yesterday I mailed a top for the Super Bowl Sunday Sewing day at Sunshine.  This top will be quilted by another Sunshine member and then sent on to Wrap A Smile for children who are coming out of surgery for cleft palate.

I recently received a request from my daughter for a 24" pillow cover for her son who is a junior in high school.  In 2009 I worked on a quilt for him:

He recently purchased a pillow and my daughter wanted a cover that would match.  Well, I had just completed some crumb quilts last fall and used up nearly all of that leftover fabric.  I had a few small pieces and incorporated them into this pillow for my surfing grandson:

I also finished this doll quilt for my partner and she should be receiving it today:

The picture of the quilting lady has hair that is a bit longer and a bit more strawberry blonde than its recipient, but I hope she enjoys the quilt and can see some resemblance to herself.  It was fun making it and after starting another quilt for her that eventually ended up as a gift for my MIL
I ended up with a whole new direction and a quilt that was a lot more bright.  I hope she has her sunglasses on when she opens it and I surely hope she isn't offended by the brightness!  We didn't talk about music being one of her favorites, but the fabric just went so well!  ...and doesn't everyone enjoy some sort of music?

Well, that all for this Friday. 

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look What I Received in the Mail Today!

I love it when the mail comes and I have such a fun surprise.  This little precious quilt came from Karen Karen's Blog Found Here

Look at those sweet hearts and one in ABC fabric.  Also look at her clever cloud quilting in the upper right hand corner.  She made a cute little gift basket from folding fabric: you can see it at the left of the picture.  There was a marking pencil, a Clover threader and a soft "jelly" thimble.  Oh, I needed one of those as the LQS didn't have my size when I was looking for one.

A close up of the cute little block hanging from the bird wire.  ...and aren't those birds adorable?!

My entry hall with the new quilt:

Thanks, Karen!  This has been fun!  I hope that yours arrives by tomorrow!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

RSC13 Saturday--Purple

Have you ever had some fabric that you just didn't want to cut?  Well, I've had some deep purple with red birds--quite a bit in fact and I got all the yardage that was left on the sale table--maybe 3-4 yards.  I don't remember and I've used some.  It is lovely fabric and I got it for $1 a yard!  Unbelievable!!  That said, I've cut into it for some practice on some blocks.

The photo shows up more black and it is a dark purple--just rich!

Then last summer I made a quilt using charms and some funny colored lavender and I had some strips left and when I found my purple scraps I had a few pieces that I could make into 5 inch blocks.
I'll put these away for now and use a variety of colors for a quilt.  I think it will be fun to see what shows up to the matching party...

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