Friday, February 28, 2014

AH Ha! New Projects Started!

When I joined the New FO Challenge last December I didn't foresee all the things coming my way.
New FO Challenge
can be found in the above link.

I made a list and some of the things I listed, I'm not interested in now, and some of the things I listed I'm still waiting on some fabric to make them--like the Peacock fabric for my sister.

But, I scrounged around when I was cleaning my sewing room and found this wonderful Laurel Burch Fabric that I was really not wanting to cut into.  But, I made the cut!
It is so rich and wonderful!  I've ordered some fabric for the sashing, but it hasn't come yet.  That's okay, as I don't have all the blocks made.  This is what I have so far...  This is my goal for April.  Finishing this quilt start for A Lovely Year of Finishes
This is the pattern...

from this book...
And then I really did a huge jump!  While going through some blogs, and I do wish I would have written down the blog that inspired me, I ordered this book...

This is just so much fun.  I was going to try to make a block a day, but I've already missed about 2-3 days, but I'm having loads of fun with this!  The blocks are 6" blocks and so I have to be very careful in the cutting and sewing.  I'm going to love, love, love this quilt as I love my blocks I have so far.
The first section is "crosses" and you can see the various ways of making crosses by just looking at these blocks.  This would be a fun quilt to do in black and whites, but I've started in the colors she used, but my blocks look quite different from hers.  This is a quilt that will take me awhile, but it is keeping me interested.

Still waiting on the deep purple to get here from a special order so that I can finish my Rainbow Quilt set.  I need to make shams (they are quilted so they will be easy) and pillowcases.

Quilts in Process

Gosh, here it is the end of the month and I've been puttering with my new machine off and on for over a week.

The first quilt I quilted was this one.  Just played with the pre-wound bobbin and just did some meandering to get the feel of my new Baby Tiara.

Since this picture I've finished binding it and then washed it and stacked it in the pile for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Then I finished this one that I had finished from some strings donated to me from a guild member in Moab Delicate Stitchers group.

It isn't bound yet, but I do have the binding cut.

Then I went on to get this pieced from scraps and then quilted. It's rather boyish--I think there's always a need for boys quilts.
This quilt was pieced so I worked on some quilting.

This was made from lotto blocks that I won in the Sunshine Group.  This is sort of a scrappy blend that I think is more boyish and a bit too small for Quilts Beyond Borders, so I'll send it to Project Linus or take it with me to Moab for them to give away there.

I've got one more quilt needing binding and I'm working on a list of what I most want to work on for the remainder of 2014.  The list I made earlier was not made with my new Baby Tiara in mind, so now I'm working on that!  I do want to practice some quilting on that machine!  Lots of UFO's here to work on!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Look What Followed Me Home!

My hubby's Valentine gift for me made it home last night!  I was too tired to go through the printed material and make sense of it, but I tackled it this morning...
finally got it threaded right and now I'm ready to tackle all those tops I worked on over the weekend!

Finished this one too!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6:00 a.m.

Okay!  I've put off trimming this quilt for 5 days now!  It's time to get busy!

But, where do I put the quilt?
I don't have a big cutting table.  I just have an island in the kitchen area.

Trimming is one of those things that needs to be accurate!

6:40  Checking Progress

Yep, just what I thought!  The two sides are too long and drag on the floor.  I wasn't sure when I added them, so I added extra, just to be safe.  Now I need to cut a bit into the quilting design.   I think I've found a place where I can do that.

Be back soon...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time to Straighten Up!

Last Sunday, I got the idea to order some of those comic book boards so that I could see some of my fabric.  I knew they were coming and was going through some stash.

Sunshine Quilting Group has a monthly challenge lotto where we donate one block to Sunshine to go to Wrap a Smile or Quilts Beyond Borders.  The other block goes into a lotto and the winner of those blocks can either donate to those places or use as she sees fit.

January winner was me.  I knew I had some blocks coming.  I also wanted to make some for February which needed to incorporate red.  I didn't think I had too much red, but I came up with these:
and these:
and more which my camera didn't take for some reason.

The month of March is green and I came up with these:
and more--which for some reason didn't show up on the camera after I had packed them for shipping, but it doesn't matter.  I had more than 22 blocks, which took me most of two days, from sorting through fabric and cutting and planning.  I used up a fair amount of odds and ends.

My point is this:
It takes a lot of time to use up our stash!!!!

I starting looking at my stash in a different light.  Compared to most quilters my stash is small.  But I have enough to keep me busy for a LONG, LONG time!

I am not going to purchase fabric this year unless it is to fill in or match up with something I need for a finish.  I may be sending off tops for completion by someone else because I'm not going to buy batting either.  I am going to pay down a charge card, and do something I've needed to do for a long time


I may be doing less quilting than in the past, but I'm going to use up the odds and ends that are driving me nuts!

My boards came late Friday evening and I started my DE-CLUTTER


The shipping on those things cost as much as the boards, so to get free shipping I ordered 400 boards.  I haven't even used the first hundred yet, and I'll get back to that, but for now...

PEEK into my spare bedroom dresser:
Solids and batiks in one place.  Not sorted by color, but at least all in one spot.  I didn't know I had so many solids!  You'll be seeing some modern quilts from that!

Now peek into the sewing room closet:
Kits are put together in to two of those bins.  I have a drawer for Sunshine and a drawer of fat quarters neatly folded and a drawer of strips for strip piecing, a drawer of color coded little pieces, a drawer of charms and smaller type precuts and some other things yet to be put onto the boards.  I have some quilts to be quilted hanging in the closet too.

Oh, I love the neatness of how that looks.  I keep going in there and opening the doors just to take a peek!!!

And then this is how my cabinet now looks!  I love it!
...and on top is the empty carton of  a very expensive tequila that is awaiting our emptying of the tequila bottle!  It is such a pretty bottle, and I love that little box!

It feels so good to see some of my fabrics on the boards.  Those two boxes with fabric will someday be arranged with the boards!

And then for those of you who have followed the progress of my commissioned quilt


I hope to get that quilt squared up and start on the binding this week.  Order some material for the shams as she quilted some fabric for the front of those!  I should have it finished by the end of the month as well as a couple of other projects yet a doll quilt for that swap.    :o)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Whoop Whoop

Amidst the mess and clutter of trying to arrange my fabric stash, I did get a couple of quilts completed!  Whoop! Whoop!  These had been started last year, but they are now ready for giving!

A simple use of three blocks and then the remainder of the strips sewn into a boys quilt and done with simple line quilting.

A panel that caught my eye and was on such a great sale that I couldn't pass it up.  The coordinating brown stripe fabric was sitting close by and also on the sale.  It made a cute quilt for a puppy lover!

Now back to my cluttered sewing room and making more blocks for the Sunshine Quilt Group.  Looking especially for green for March and red for February.  Already I have quite an assortment and they don't go together, but hopefully they will match up well with some of the other lotto blocks and end up in a quilt for Wrap A Smile, and Quilting Beyond Borders.

Hop on over to Whoop Whoop on Confessions of a Fabric Addict

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Love the Quiet of the Mornings

I'm a morning person.  I love being up when no one else is.  My mind is fresher in the mornings and I just love quiet!

This morning I feel a sense of peace and completion.  My January goals, although just two of them were delivered by noon yesterday.  My doll quilt was mailed Thursday and now I'm pondering just what to start next.  My Rainbow quilt is at the quilters and won't be in my hands until about the 16th, so I have a few precious days to do what I want.  I'll wait til hubby stirs before I venture into the sewing room and start pulling things out.  Right now the room is fairly neat and undisturbed much. 

The little baby quilt a lady wanted me to make, didn't turn out quite as I'd anticipated, and I decided to gift it to her as an experiment".  She was so grateful and pleased.  Little did I know she hasn't been able to work much since Christmas as her father was in the hospital and her mother still in a nursing home.  The new granddaughter hasn't arrived yet, but the little quilt is ready.  She was ecstatic over how it turned out. (So remove my ego from the project and just let her love it, warts and all!)

The combination of batik, bias of the blocks and a sewing machine that needs tuning, I managed to just meander the quilting without too many thread breaks and only a couple of little tucks on the back.  The end of the week came and I had the quilt ready and we made it to the meet and greet we had promised to attend!  Last night I returned home exhausted, but happy to have a new month!

I have about 50 minutes before hubby is up, and I have some quilt books close to my computer, so I'll close for now, hoping to keep better track of my blogging friends this month and also in posting my journey.

Have a super, super bowl quilting Sunday!