Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6:00 a.m.

Okay!  I've put off trimming this quilt for 5 days now!  It's time to get busy!

But, where do I put the quilt?
I don't have a big cutting table.  I just have an island in the kitchen area.

Trimming is one of those things that needs to be accurate!

6:40  Checking Progress

Yep, just what I thought!  The two sides are too long and drag on the floor.  I wasn't sure when I added them, so I added extra, just to be safe.  Now I need to cut a bit into the quilting design.   I think I've found a place where I can do that.

Be back soon...


KatieQ said...

I've really enjoyed watching this quilt come together. I think it's perfect. The customer should just get a higher bed.

Anonymous said...

Love the pattern and your bright solid version. I hate trimming big things too and put it off way too long. Putting it off doesn't help anything--it has never yet trimmed itself while I wait.