Sunday, February 2, 2014

I Love the Quiet of the Mornings

I'm a morning person.  I love being up when no one else is.  My mind is fresher in the mornings and I just love quiet!

This morning I feel a sense of peace and completion.  My January goals, although just two of them were delivered by noon yesterday.  My doll quilt was mailed Thursday and now I'm pondering just what to start next.  My Rainbow quilt is at the quilters and won't be in my hands until about the 16th, so I have a few precious days to do what I want.  I'll wait til hubby stirs before I venture into the sewing room and start pulling things out.  Right now the room is fairly neat and undisturbed much. 

The little baby quilt a lady wanted me to make, didn't turn out quite as I'd anticipated, and I decided to gift it to her as an experiment".  She was so grateful and pleased.  Little did I know she hasn't been able to work much since Christmas as her father was in the hospital and her mother still in a nursing home.  The new granddaughter hasn't arrived yet, but the little quilt is ready.  She was ecstatic over how it turned out. (So remove my ego from the project and just let her love it, warts and all!)

The combination of batik, bias of the blocks and a sewing machine that needs tuning, I managed to just meander the quilting without too many thread breaks and only a couple of little tucks on the back.  The end of the week came and I had the quilt ready and we made it to the meet and greet we had promised to attend!  Last night I returned home exhausted, but happy to have a new month!

I have about 50 minutes before hubby is up, and I have some quilt books close to my computer, so I'll close for now, hoping to keep better track of my blogging friends this month and also in posting my journey.

Have a super, super bowl quilting Sunday!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Putting a smile on someone's face and heart is a glorious acheivement for the month.

Helen in the UK said...

Although the quilt wasn't as you had planned, sounds like it was perfect for it's intended recipients. Great job :)

rubyslipperz said...

I'm a morning person too. But, now that hubbz is retired, it seems that I don't get up as early as I did.

Great quilt...I *do* think that a work of art (a la quilts), sometimes steer their own directions.