Friday, February 28, 2014

Quilts in Process

Gosh, here it is the end of the month and I've been puttering with my new machine off and on for over a week.

The first quilt I quilted was this one.  Just played with the pre-wound bobbin and just did some meandering to get the feel of my new Baby Tiara.

Since this picture I've finished binding it and then washed it and stacked it in the pile for Quilts Beyond Borders.

Then I finished this one that I had finished from some strings donated to me from a guild member in Moab Delicate Stitchers group.

It isn't bound yet, but I do have the binding cut.

Then I went on to get this pieced from scraps and then quilted. It's rather boyish--I think there's always a need for boys quilts.
This quilt was pieced so I worked on some quilting.

This was made from lotto blocks that I won in the Sunshine Group.  This is sort of a scrappy blend that I think is more boyish and a bit too small for Quilts Beyond Borders, so I'll send it to Project Linus or take it with me to Moab for them to give away there.

I've got one more quilt needing binding and I'm working on a list of what I most want to work on for the remainder of 2014.  The list I made earlier was not made with my new Baby Tiara in mind, so now I'm working on that!  I do want to practice some quilting on that machine!  Lots of UFO's here to work on!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Looks like you are really enjoying your new machine. Yes, there needs to be more boy quilts and these are great. Oh, I had yardage of that sports print - think my daughter 'borrowed' it.

Kate said...

yippee, Patti, way to go.
I see some of my blocks in that Lotto block... Kathleen