Sunday, February 9, 2014

Time to Straighten Up!

Last Sunday, I got the idea to order some of those comic book boards so that I could see some of my fabric.  I knew they were coming and was going through some stash.

Sunshine Quilting Group has a monthly challenge lotto where we donate one block to Sunshine to go to Wrap a Smile or Quilts Beyond Borders.  The other block goes into a lotto and the winner of those blocks can either donate to those places or use as she sees fit.

January winner was me.  I knew I had some blocks coming.  I also wanted to make some for February which needed to incorporate red.  I didn't think I had too much red, but I came up with these:
and these:
and more which my camera didn't take for some reason.

The month of March is green and I came up with these:
and more--which for some reason didn't show up on the camera after I had packed them for shipping, but it doesn't matter.  I had more than 22 blocks, which took me most of two days, from sorting through fabric and cutting and planning.  I used up a fair amount of odds and ends.

My point is this:
It takes a lot of time to use up our stash!!!!

I starting looking at my stash in a different light.  Compared to most quilters my stash is small.  But I have enough to keep me busy for a LONG, LONG time!

I am not going to purchase fabric this year unless it is to fill in or match up with something I need for a finish.  I may be sending off tops for completion by someone else because I'm not going to buy batting either.  I am going to pay down a charge card, and do something I've needed to do for a long time


I may be doing less quilting than in the past, but I'm going to use up the odds and ends that are driving me nuts!

My boards came late Friday evening and I started my DE-CLUTTER


The shipping on those things cost as much as the boards, so to get free shipping I ordered 400 boards.  I haven't even used the first hundred yet, and I'll get back to that, but for now...

PEEK into my spare bedroom dresser:
Solids and batiks in one place.  Not sorted by color, but at least all in one spot.  I didn't know I had so many solids!  You'll be seeing some modern quilts from that!

Now peek into the sewing room closet:
Kits are put together in to two of those bins.  I have a drawer for Sunshine and a drawer of fat quarters neatly folded and a drawer of strips for strip piecing, a drawer of color coded little pieces, a drawer of charms and smaller type precuts and some other things yet to be put onto the boards.  I have some quilts to be quilted hanging in the closet too.

Oh, I love the neatness of how that looks.  I keep going in there and opening the doors just to take a peek!!!

And then this is how my cabinet now looks!  I love it!
...and on top is the empty carton of  a very expensive tequila that is awaiting our emptying of the tequila bottle!  It is such a pretty bottle, and I love that little box!

It feels so good to see some of my fabrics on the boards.  Those two boxes with fabric will someday be arranged with the boards!

And then for those of you who have followed the progress of my commissioned quilt


I hope to get that quilt squared up and start on the binding this week.  Order some material for the shams as she quilted some fabric for the front of those!  I should have it finished by the end of the month as well as a couple of other projects yet a doll quilt for that swap.    :o)


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think simplify is perfect. And your organization looks great.

Helen in the UK said...

Love the quilting on the rainbow - it's going to be stunning. A good bout of fabric organisation every now and again is a great idea to freshen the mind on what is already in the stash :)

rubyslipperz said...

I've tried simplifying...and, I just end up organizing...only to buy more STUFF. I know, it's an addiction!

YOU, on the other hand...are doing GREAT!!!