Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Finished a Goal for April

At the beginning of April I listed a goal that I wanted to finish.

I first blogged about some of the blocks I was making HERE

This morning I decided that I wanted to try that quilt in a free motion design to check my machine speed with the tension and to see if I could make smaller FMQ as I have a quilt top ready that I would like to do some FMQ in quite small patterns.  So, I gave it a whirl and although I used a larger pattern, I didn't have any eyelashes--which are the tale tell sign of bad tension!

The fabric is some Laurel Burch that I wanted to hang on to for some reason, but I have a small bit left for the memories and maybe I'll make a smaller block for my 100 blocks quilt.  This quilt will go to a family friend for his birthday next month. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

What a Week!

Who would have known Monday, that I'd be sitting here trying to negotiate through Windows 8!

My computer was balking at the changes brought about by Windows!  I was perfectly happy with my old Office--whatever it was.  I knew how to use my Picasa and my programs, but then the computer started doing really funny things! 

Long story short, I have Windows 8 and a huge learning curve--again!  My old brain has a time with all this new stuff its learning...

       I sew....!

Now if I can download some of the pictures.

First I had some pinwheels, and they kept getting in the way, so I used nearly all the pale green fabric and made a quilt top.
Well, I was able to get it from my computer, but not Picasa, so the date and the name of the file aren't there.  Geez!  I hope I can figure this out someday.  :)

Next, I had some blocks from Sunshine and now they are a top!
And then I found some precut fabric and sewed it into a stripy top: if I can only figure out how to use Picasa with my blog.  Maybe another day!  I've got some neat African Fabric I got from Terry at Sunshine and ready to make into a quilt for Wrap a Smile!

 I can download from pictures on my phone, but with no cropping.  Gosh, I can't figure this out.

I think I got to get all those steps deleted into one easy step.  ...tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Starting to Feel At Home

Awhile back I posted about how frustrated about my learning curve with my new Tiara.  (Baby Tiara to me)

Yesterday as I finished up some quilts and started quilting on a new quilt, I realized how far I've come.  I have usually had my top tension too loose and I'm learning how to adjust that--and darn, I still can't do it from memory, I still need the user handbook.

This is a peek at my new quilting project.

Here is a picture of my first practice on these quilts
Today, I'll make a gift of my third practice

and my second practice (previously posted)

I realize now that I liked this one because the bigger thread automatically made my top tension tighter.  I didn't realize that then, but I'm beginning to understand it now and the different ways I can use different threads. 

I did complete the binding for my donation quilts, so now I'm caught up!  Whoopee!  This one was made from blocks I'd won on a Sunshine Yahoo Group Block Lotto.  Theme for the month was green, but I had some dinosaurs blocks that seemed kind of boyish, and with a huge stretch of imagination fit with the few green boyish ones I'd won, so rather than send those three in, I added them to this quilt.  I have enough blocks for two more quilts, but they are a lot more feminine.  This quilt will go to Rotary Wrap a Smile.
This is a quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders that was pieced by a church group in Texas just for QBB.
And, spring has finally arrived and I love my Flowering Almond bush.  I'm afraid only a few more days of the beautiful blossoms! 
Have a great day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Quilting Finishes...Whoopee!

I've been looking at the spare bed and wondering when I'd get to all the projects there!

Well, finally I have something to show for my stash busting!

First I love making wonky stars from the triangles I cut from bindings.  This little quilt is a result of cleaning out some of those.
Cleared out some sashing fabric, backing and the music squares--just enough of those!

This one didn't bust much stash because it's a lotto block win.  I did use some solid for the settings and then there's the binding and the backing.  But, the blocks are now in a quilt!  I love the little ship block in the middle.  Thanks Sunnies!
The next two, didn't really bust much stash because they were brought to me so that I can practice my quilting.  The batting arrived last week, so these got done for Quilts Beyond Borders.  A church group in Texas donated the tops.  I just need to sew on the labels.

I made some blocks from some 1 1/2 inch squares and some other odd squares.  I got 28 blocks done toward my monthly goal.  Not quite there yet.  When it's complete for April, I hope I can remember to post some pictures.

I'd be in pretty got shape stash wise, but alas I got a package in the mail with some new fabric!  It is fun to get some new life.  I've got an idea for some boyish blocks for the Sunshine Yahoo Group Lotto for April, but I'm going to finish up the bindings first.  Got to have one of them done for Wednesday as it is a gift for a friend who lost a son.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

of This and That...

I'm currently on a "Staycation"  My goal was to sew and quilt, cut and sew and repeat.  I have a few charity quilts quilted, but I won't show them until they are bound.  I'm still playing with the tension on my Baby Tiara and it's getting to look better all the time.

I had some blocks with a black center and the first thing I did was make 23 more blocks.  I made these blocks from total random and pieced the squares the same way.  I then finally decided on thread for the quilting and after I started I thought that maybe I should have picked black.  But, I didn't and I didn't want to rip out what I'd done.

I fought with the backing and I don't know why it was so problematic, but finally, I got it all smoothed out and bound.  I'll be sending it to Wrap them in Love in Washington state.
My strings drawer has a few strings left, but overall I've made a dent.  Especially with strings I had no coordinating colors or themes.  It's pretty mindless just sewing things together and it's always a surprise.

I finished a little wall quilt for my hallway.  WELCOME SUNSHINE with Hugs and Kisses--but there is no sunshine today and I'm finding it hard to be inspired.

My recent trip to Moab, ended with some photos that are a little lackluster, but the quilt is finished and in the home of the recipient!  I have the fabric now to make the shams and I wish I had been able to finish them before the photos.