Saturday, April 5, 2014

of This and That...

I'm currently on a "Staycation"  My goal was to sew and quilt, cut and sew and repeat.  I have a few charity quilts quilted, but I won't show them until they are bound.  I'm still playing with the tension on my Baby Tiara and it's getting to look better all the time.

I had some blocks with a black center and the first thing I did was make 23 more blocks.  I made these blocks from total random and pieced the squares the same way.  I then finally decided on thread for the quilting and after I started I thought that maybe I should have picked black.  But, I didn't and I didn't want to rip out what I'd done.

I fought with the backing and I don't know why it was so problematic, but finally, I got it all smoothed out and bound.  I'll be sending it to Wrap them in Love in Washington state.
My strings drawer has a few strings left, but overall I've made a dent.  Especially with strings I had no coordinating colors or themes.  It's pretty mindless just sewing things together and it's always a surprise.

I finished a little wall quilt for my hallway.  WELCOME SUNSHINE with Hugs and Kisses--but there is no sunshine today and I'm finding it hard to be inspired.

My recent trip to Moab, ended with some photos that are a little lackluster, but the quilt is finished and in the home of the recipient!  I have the fabric now to make the shams and I wish I had been able to finish them before the photos.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I love any string quilt. No sunshine here either today - rain and windy. That NYB quilt is just stunning.