Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Starting to Feel At Home

Awhile back I posted about how frustrated about my learning curve with my new Tiara.  (Baby Tiara to me)

Yesterday as I finished up some quilts and started quilting on a new quilt, I realized how far I've come.  I have usually had my top tension too loose and I'm learning how to adjust that--and darn, I still can't do it from memory, I still need the user handbook.

This is a peek at my new quilting project.

Here is a picture of my first practice on these quilts
Today, I'll make a gift of my third practice

and my second practice (previously posted)

I realize now that I liked this one because the bigger thread automatically made my top tension tighter.  I didn't realize that then, but I'm beginning to understand it now and the different ways I can use different threads. 

I did complete the binding for my donation quilts, so now I'm caught up!  Whoopee!  This one was made from blocks I'd won on a Sunshine Yahoo Group Block Lotto.  Theme for the month was green, but I had some dinosaurs blocks that seemed kind of boyish, and with a huge stretch of imagination fit with the few green boyish ones I'd won, so rather than send those three in, I added them to this quilt.  I have enough blocks for two more quilts, but they are a lot more feminine.  This quilt will go to Rotary Wrap a Smile.
This is a quilt for Quilts Beyond Borders that was pieced by a church group in Texas just for QBB.
And, spring has finally arrived and I love my Flowering Almond bush.  I'm afraid only a few more days of the beautiful blossoms! 
Have a great day!


Debbie said... have come a long way, baby!!! You are improving every time I see a post. And feathers are appearing everywhere. I am smiling at your success.
The class class I taught on the Tiara use, I found that most of the gals were just plain scared of the machine and so it just sat. By forcing them in class to show what they could do, I hope they will go home and work as hard as you. Keep it up.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

You are doing great!! I have had my Tiara one year this month. I am new to machine quilting and still learning. You are doing great. The Tiara is a fantastic machine!!! Remember with the tension....lefty loosie...righty tighty!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Love the feathers and pebbles, your second practice I think it was.

Helen in the UK said...

So glad to hear that you are starting to understand how best to work with your new machine. GREAT JOB on the quilted feathers :)