Friday, April 25, 2014

What a Week!

Who would have known Monday, that I'd be sitting here trying to negotiate through Windows 8!

My computer was balking at the changes brought about by Windows!  I was perfectly happy with my old Office--whatever it was.  I knew how to use my Picasa and my programs, but then the computer started doing really funny things! 

Long story short, I have Windows 8 and a huge learning curve--again!  My old brain has a time with all this new stuff its learning...

       I sew....!

Now if I can download some of the pictures.

First I had some pinwheels, and they kept getting in the way, so I used nearly all the pale green fabric and made a quilt top.
Well, I was able to get it from my computer, but not Picasa, so the date and the name of the file aren't there.  Geez!  I hope I can figure this out someday.  :)

Next, I had some blocks from Sunshine and now they are a top!
And then I found some precut fabric and sewed it into a stripy top: if I can only figure out how to use Picasa with my blog.  Maybe another day!  I've got some neat African Fabric I got from Terry at Sunshine and ready to make into a quilt for Wrap a Smile!

 I can download from pictures on my phone, but with no cropping.  Gosh, I can't figure this out.

I think I got to get all those steps deleted into one easy step.  ...tomorrow!



quiltmania said...

LOL! You sound so not like a geek. Your quilts look great though, so who cares about all that computer mumbo jumbo.

Shauna said...

I understand your frustration with windows 8, but stick with it and you'll catch on sooner than you think. Love the quilts they are so cute!!!

Snowcatcher said...

I hate when they keep making us upgrade to different computer systems that don't seem as good as the previous versions! That second quilt, with the Sunshine, oh, is that lovely!

barbara woods said...

I have a 8 laptop and hadn't figured it out ,had to buy a desk top and its 8.1 ,don't know any thing about that some of 8 is on it but it's still not the same. Good luck had my desk top a month before I could post my blog on it

Helen in the UK said...

My DH is a real techie guy, the sort others turn to for computer help. He has had to help 2 friends set up Windows 8 laptops and he HATES Windows 8. We are not looking forward to the day when my laptop gives up the ghost ... I may have to swap to a Mac!!!
Hope you soon get the hang of it - your quilting is looking great :)