Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Finishes

With a great sense of WHEW two quilts were finished yesterday.  One went in a box to my sis for her wall.

 It finished out to where I actually quite liked it.  I did take some quilting out around the head and added more swirls and that made a lot of difference to me.

 I used two pieces of batting for a rather faux Trapunto in the feathers.

I quilted everything else down quite tightly.

Sis doesn't care if I try doing the next one exactly the same, which allowed me to get this off to her.  She's had a rather bad week or two and this may cheer her a bit.  I'm going to try the next one with quilting in the background from black thread.  Now, I just need to order some...

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I finished these two quilts in time to take to a Project Linus luncheon.

I used Glide thread on the upper one and just loved it.  I had heard many talk about it and the magnetic prewound bobbins last for such a long time.  I love the sheen the polyester provides.  While at the HMQS recently in SLC, I purchased a pre-made package they had which was two tones of gold and an off white.  Seeing the samples quilted with gold on the white fabric allowed me to see that thread doesn't always need to match and the gold on white is actually very beautiful!

The quilting was done using a stencil and I followed the lines pretty well.

The luncheon I attended yesterday is a yearly event.  It's always fun to hear of the stories the nurses tell about how well the quilts are received.  We make them and send them on and hope that they touch someone's life.  Well, they certainly do for many.  There is also a group that meets at a Catholic Church near here that sews bereavement dresses and little quilts.  Oh, my there wasn't a dry eye as the nurse told some of those stories.  That would be so hard to have to prepare such a tiny infant for burial. 

The two hours spend there helped me recommit for more donation quilts.  I still have lots of fabric and I'll keep making them until it's gone--and then I'll probably just buy more fabric!  :)

Here's a pic of the quilts I dropped of yesterday.

Linking over to A Lovely Year of Finishes since I did reach my goal of the peacock quilt being finished!
81 Blocks finished this month, not necessarily blogged about.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Fools Go In Where Angels Fear to Tread...

Once my son said, "I think I'll go catch a lizard."  And in a few minutes he was back.

I said, "I think I'll quilt a quilt." 

There are many things to think about, and sometimes its just experience that is the best teacher.  I've watched many videos and I've practiced, and things are coming, but I'm not the best quilter out there, nor do I ever think I will be, but I find it fun.  I have to remember to blink my eyes so that I don't get staring at the quilt.  I try to keep my eyes ahead of the spot I'm quilting, and I have to remember to breathe!  (Sometimes I find myself holding my breath.)  With oils, one can paint over what you don't like, but with thread, you either leave it or pick it out and sometimes you don't have the full effect until there's quite a bit of quilting. 

I used a Variegated Thread and now I'm not so sure I should have, but I'm not picking it out!  It seems a bit busy for the background--but then what did I know til I' tried it.

Here's what I have so far.

I used two pieces of a thinner 80/20 cotton poly that I had.  I wanted to sort of faux Trapunto quilt the peacock.  It looks great, as there are some poofy parts where the feathers are.  Since there are two of these, I'll have to use the same thread on the other one, but I have some of the panel left and I think I'll try just black thread in the background, just so I know which looks best.  Now to figure out what to do for the border. 

I worked on getting the rest of some of the HST's I started.  I completed 48 new ones this week and have two blocks to send to Sunshine and these blocks for a quilt.
I think I'll just sew them together and add a pink border with the yellow in the corners as the blue, pink print seemed to frilly for the modern Monet type floral of this fabric.  I have only one 3.5 inch square left.  Not too bad!  It was a bit tricky using to best advantage the three fabrics I had.  I'm so happy that I came so close and with the two blocks left over, there is always a place to send those spare blocks.  I would have liked one more to make the quilt a bit longer, but square will be nice!
I won't need to buy any backing or batting as I still have some that I can use.  There is a Project Linus luncheon next week and if I hurry, I can get it pieced and quilted to take with me.
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A walk in the garden this morning.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I'm Looking Forward to Quilting

I've got lots of to do on my "to do" list, but this is going to work itself into my day, somehow.  It is one of two quilts ready for quilting.


Saturday, May 17, 2014

Progress on Many Fronts!

I think I may have too many things going!  But, that said, I am making progress at trimming my stash--especially from green fabrics and even more from green batiks!

First, this quilt is going to go to Wrap A Smile.  The person responsible for this is Terry and she sent volunteers a piece of fabric from Africa to be used in WAS quilts. 

I thought about my fabric a lot and came up with a simplified way to use it to best advantage because of its big design.
A close up of the fabric and then one of my wonky quilting of this quilt.

HSTeria and RSC14
64 HST blocks made this past week.  With green as a focus for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge I found greens that hadn't been used for more than five years and then for the HST I decided on the block design I wanted to work toward with my Batiks.
I made some into blocks.
These will go to sunshine
These are being used with more to trim and will eventually find their way into a donation quilt.

 These are the batiks and I'm loving this design for them.  This way I can use the variety I have without it driving me crazy figuring out how to use it up!
also some strings toward a quilt

this green is just a small piece I had and will be saved for later use with the giraffe fabric

I also finished up 48 crumb blocks that will go into a donation quilt. These were also from green batik scraps!  Lots of green moving around my space for sure! 

I'm taking a rest from it to finish up a Peacock quilt for my sis.

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Friday, May 16, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival Spring 2014

It's time once again for the Bloggers Quilt Festival and I've added my quilt in the ROYGBIV Category  Follow the link at the right side bar for the full quilt festival.  There is a lot of fun and beautiful quilts to see there!

More than a year ago, I started a quilt that proved to be quite a project!
While staying with my sister, one of her friends came by and I met her.  She asked if I would be willing to do a Rainbow Quilt for her.  The project took on many dimensions.  As we poured over ideas for the quilt, she settled on a pattern.  She chose Island Sunrise from Judy Niemeyer.

Here is a shot of the finished quilt and then I'll tell its story.

I proceeded to purchase the fabric  The main fabric came from Vicki Welsh  The hand dyed fabrics she offered were just what I knew my customer would want.  I chose the Color Wheel basics and made a special request for larger pieces than she had on the website.  I made the first order and began my project.

This was the first of 144 paper pieced blocks.

Many more followed:

Midway through, I found another type of paper I liked better than what I had been using.
Strips were cut to pattern specifications.
Resulting in more parts.

The first set I photographed.

Then more.

I didn't draw out how the blocks would be arranged.  I knew myself well enough to know that would drive me nuts.  So, I sewed and placed and started with a center block that was different in each quarter of the quilt.  The quarters each have a more dominant color, but they seemed to all work together quite well. 

Around Christmas time, I was trying to get the whole top to come together and laying it out on my living room floor was a bigger project than I expected. The deep purple was fabric from Copper Mountain Quilting

Those two orange blocks were somehow shifted around so that they didn't come together.  I don't know how I did it, but it took the better part of a day to get the subsets turned, matched, and then sewn with a narrow one inch strip of deep purple.  The addition of the deep purple sashing and the piano key border of all the colors used.

The finished look of the corners.

Now, ready for the backing.
I was able to procure the quilting services of Nancy Haacke of Layton, UT who owns Digitized Quilting .  Her business is mainly making digitized programs for quilters, but she agree to quilt this quilt for me.

Binding the quilt
Pillowcases to match

Shots of completed quilt.


It is now in the hands of the new owner.  I must say, having never done a project of such a size and mental as well as physical commitment, it was like sending a child off to college.  I cried when I first saw the work that Nancy had done, and I cried again when the box left for Georgia!  I don't have a picture of the backing, I sent the quilt off without taking one and the shams that I made the picture didn't turn out right.  Taking pictures of this large quilt was a bit problematic, but I think there are enough that you can view the quilt!

Thanks for stopping by!
                             Quilt Size 110 x 110"