Friday, May 23, 2014

Fools Go In Where Angels Fear to Tread...

Once my son said, "I think I'll go catch a lizard."  And in a few minutes he was back.

I said, "I think I'll quilt a quilt." 

There are many things to think about, and sometimes its just experience that is the best teacher.  I've watched many videos and I've practiced, and things are coming, but I'm not the best quilter out there, nor do I ever think I will be, but I find it fun.  I have to remember to blink my eyes so that I don't get staring at the quilt.  I try to keep my eyes ahead of the spot I'm quilting, and I have to remember to breathe!  (Sometimes I find myself holding my breath.)  With oils, one can paint over what you don't like, but with thread, you either leave it or pick it out and sometimes you don't have the full effect until there's quite a bit of quilting. 

I used a Variegated Thread and now I'm not so sure I should have, but I'm not picking it out!  It seems a bit busy for the background--but then what did I know til I' tried it.

Here's what I have so far.

I used two pieces of a thinner 80/20 cotton poly that I had.  I wanted to sort of faux Trapunto quilt the peacock.  It looks great, as there are some poofy parts where the feathers are.  Since there are two of these, I'll have to use the same thread on the other one, but I have some of the panel left and I think I'll try just black thread in the background, just so I know which looks best.  Now to figure out what to do for the border. 

I worked on getting the rest of some of the HST's I started.  I completed 48 new ones this week and have two blocks to send to Sunshine and these blocks for a quilt.
I think I'll just sew them together and add a pink border with the yellow in the corners as the blue, pink print seemed to frilly for the modern Monet type floral of this fabric.  I have only one 3.5 inch square left.  Not too bad!  It was a bit tricky using to best advantage the three fabrics I had.  I'm so happy that I came so close and with the two blocks left over, there is always a place to send those spare blocks.  I would have liked one more to make the quilt a bit longer, but square will be nice!
I won't need to buy any backing or batting as I still have some that I can use.  There is a Project Linus luncheon next week and if I hurry, I can get it pieced and quilted to take with me.
Link on over to HSTeria

A walk in the garden this morning.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I think a black thread you just wouldn't see the quilting - all that work would be so hidden. But I am a lover of varigated thread. I have never seen that shade of iris before - beautiful.

Vicki W said...

Your pink iris are so pretty! Love the HST quilt too.

The Quilting Elf said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! And you never really know what you'll like about quilting threads until you try them. Live and learn - and I can safely say "I'm still learning lots"...
Kathy T.