Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Check In

Last night we attending the birthday dinner of our now 10 year old granddaughter!  We were commenting how fast this week has gone by and here it is Friday again.

I have been busy trying to finish up loose ends in my quilting, but it never ends.  I found another bag of HST's I've been putting off!  I'm so tired of those fabrics, but this week I did manage to get 29 of the fall colored fabrics into HST's and then I put together 3 Jacob's Ladder blocks. 

 I'm putting them away for awhile, but the blocks made me feel like I'm headed somewhere!

I finished 45 green HST's and made these two blocks.  I now have five blocks towards my green quilt.
Total HST's this week: 86
Oh, I forgot the project I found from last year, I added 12 pink HST's to it and then sewed it together.  It's now in the UFO pile to be quilted.  Those numbers were included in my totals.
nothing fancy, but it used up the last of those 4 patches made with some hand dye that my daughter and I experimented on last year.  We tried several fabrics and I think this one has some linen in the mix.  This one has girl written all over it and will make its way to some donation project.

I need to get this box in the mail for Quilts Beyond Borders
a quilt that was all mine:  Still undecided where it will go.

And I finished off one more for the Wrap a Smile Box,

whoops-- the WAS box is sealed.  I think it has these two in it. (and the two African quilts)

 The African one didn't quite turn out the way I wanted as I was in a "discussion" with Hubby about my many piles of fabrics and I was trying to hurry.  I made the cut too much to the right, but the receiver won't know...   It is the second one from African fabric from Terry, and the other one if you read another post looks like this.

Linking over to HSTeria

And you'll be happy to know, my kitchen table is cleared of any fabric and the spare bedroom is closer to getting ready for our daughter who will be in in two weeks.

and linking over for a WHOOP WHOOP!

I put some blocks away and found that I just needed six more string blocks to make a top.  So I whipped some out and now my wall looks like this.
These are from the May challenge at RSC14  I have enough crumbs to make another top.  I'd say that I had more green than I thought.  Now to get them all put together.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

A lot of pretty fabrics that have turned into pretty quilts - well done.

Kate said...

goodness, what a great bunch of work... love the sampler of WAS lotto blocks - great bright sashing...

shirley said...'ve been busy. all look terrific

Anonymous said...

Love your HST blocks! I quilt for QBB also. Love doing it!

Cathy Tomm said...

Great green this past week. So many quilts done, great job.

Exuberant Color said...

I like your green triangle blocks. That is one of my favorite block patterns.