Sunday, June 29, 2014

Pink in the Garden

I think I know why so many June brides select pink.  It looks lovely against the grass and the green plants.

Finished binding a couple of pink and green quilts that have been kicking around awhile.  Some of the blocks were inspired because of the pink and green challenge in June and the blocks have probably been around at least a year. 

Now complete!

Tried some sun

And some shade

Filtered share seems the best, but really I like them all!

I'm thinking these will probably go to Project Linus.  I love that they do the labels and I don't have to pay shipping.
 Blocks for June: 55
Prairie Moon Quilts 


Kate said...

they are gorgeous!!! and fabulous photos

Debbie said...

Patti, I particularly love the top upper right hand quilt. Both are truly pretty, but I believe I see more scrappiness in that one! Can you tell me more about the quilt in your header? It is fabulous!