Saturday, June 28, 2014

whew! It's Saturday!

It's been a busy week around our house.  First off many headed this way:
Our daughter and grandson visited GG.  GG (great gramma) turned 97 in May.

Chandler graduated on the 19th
CF loved my green drink!
Chandler riding the tram in Park City towards the mountain biking adventure with his uncles.

I realized also that I hadn't taken any photos.  Nada!  Zilch! Not one!  So I'm glad someone snatched some.  The kids spent a couple of hours outside with the water balloons after our feast!  I had asked everyone for their favorite food, and then I prepared it.  Luckily it turned out to be a pretty balanced meal!  (Lots of orders for shrimp and our youngest loves to grill them, so he took over that portion!)
After they all left, I had a mild come apart!  Went to the Chiropractor and spent some time just getting grounded!

I finished off some more HST blocks.  Now I have 6 big ones towards my 16.  Geez this will take me forever.  I have 2 more 12 inch blocks, but I need more variety before I sew them into a big block.  After ripping out several seams, I'm putting these away for a bit and resting my dyslexia!  :-)

I recently finished a donation quilt, but I didn't like the way I lengthened it for the donation requirements, so I chopped it and made it into a table topper.

Very basic!

Ta Da!
Finished the other part of the pair of peacock's.

this was the first one:
Since my sister didn't mind if I did them both in the same quilting, I tried just black thread on the black parts of the fabric.  I believe I like that better and it was so much easier to quilt.  I also used plain blue around the border and turquoise on the inch squares.  I have a few small pieces left, but like the Jacob's Ladder, these will wait for a bit.

The binding was quite hard on my old hands!  I used 2.25 inch strips and the quilt was double layered, so it was hard to sew.  I don't do much hand sewing, so even with the machine, my little wood stiletto came in handy to hold the fabric for me. 

I also just played in come color with a fun pattern Found HERE
I used a recent purchase from Vicki Welch Found HERE  I had some Redwood and some other solids from her in my stash.  I love it! (It needs the final border, but I got the brainwork done!)  The quilting will be sooo much fun!
So much for my sewing today!  Hubby has some lettuce and kale I need to clean and store. 

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 Canvas Pattern that I used with Vicki Welch fabrics!



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your Jacob's Ladder is coming along nicely - it's one of those patterns that will turn your eyes, so sometimes it's best to rest it for a while. Bless your family - great photos.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your peacock quilt is spectacular -- I really love the variegated quilting thread and the quilting designs you chose.

gpc said...

Beautiful projects, and so ambitious! Love those peacock colors. :)

Barbara said...

Looks like some good times. Great projects!