Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2 More Big Blocks-HSTeria

My goal is to make a scrappy bed quilt.  Just a traditional one, like the ones that drew me into quilting.  I'm morphing over to more colorful modern quilts, but this one is from my traditional stash.  It's getting more depleted and now I am almost half way finished with the blocks.  I need sixteen.  With these two "big blocks" I have 7 done.  It still seems a bit insurmountable, but if I keep making HST's and four patch blocks I'll get it finished.  No timeline here, but thanks to Vicki's HSTeria challenge this summer I've got a new quilt started and I've learned how to preplan my HST's and make the cutting and pressing count when I can by combining that with phone calls!

Here's my latest sewn together.
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Debbie said...

Oh, this is a beauty! I still love traditional and a good scrap quilt is always a delight. Glad you threw this into the mix. I love it.

SherryB said... I gotta try this too! I love how this went together, so I will be jumping on the HST bandwagon too. Thanks for the inspiration!

elle said...

They'll be great!