Monday, July 14, 2014

Bound and Gagged--Oops I Mean Bound and Ready!

Today I took it easy and just finished up the quilts by binding them.

This one is going in the quilt basket for sending when Gene is ready to get them.    I read about GENE's Angels and had this quilt ready to quilt and the specifications matched.  So I'll save it.  Bright and Cheery is what they want and it's what I'll send.

Not sure where this will go.  It is mostly from a Lotto win on Sunshine Yahoo Group.  I added a few.  Blue and yellow is such a nice combination.  Lovely!

This little quilt is just the remainder of a charm pack and some cream fabric.  Simplicity!

Lastly, this fabric was a piece of yardage I bought in Moab quite a few years ago.  I just loved it. Wish I had more, but I made it stretch as far as I could in this strippie.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

WOW, you certainly were on a finish mode!

Scrapatches said...

Lovely quilts and a worthy cause ... :) Pat

Kate said...

wow, wow, wow, you are just red hot !!!!

Helen in the UK said...

More great donation quilts. Looks like your quilting is coming on brilliantly, I guess you must have 'bonded' with your new machine after all this practice :)