Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Closing in on a Few Projects

Whew!  I barely made it without any extensions to the batting!

That is to say: Barely!!!

With all the busy-ness in the quilt, I decided on a simple swirl so that I can practice.

My thread color choices for my new Tiara are still quite limited, but the yellow I had works quite well with the light lime green!  WhaaHoo!  Don't have to make a purchase for thread just yet!

I have this one still to decide on the quilting.  I've used invisible thread to do a stitch in the ditch.  It holds the fabric so that I don't have puckers on the back.

This one is ready for binding.
As is this one.
This one has lots of colors so I did mostly invisible thread, so that limits it where it can go...but I'm oh so happy to have used up pieces of fabric and somehow they all got into a quilt.
For the final border, I used regular thread.  Now to find some binding.  Haven't gotten that far yet!

I think I over did the workout yesterday--maybe just a 20 minute swim this morning.  (I'd much rather stay home and quilt!)


Kate said...

they are all gorgeous, gorgeous!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

You are on a roll!! I smidge my batt for home quilting too.