Monday, July 28, 2014

Finished and the Learning Continues

Pretty much this is my first try at quilting on the thought of "I wonder how this would look..."

I started at the colored strip with the organic "straight" lines.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to do my version of free motion quilting everywhere.  I tried it on the bottom and then wondered if straight lines would work on the top.  As I was doing the lines I wondered what would happen if I turned them.  So I added a diagonal.  I then wondered how it would be if I added some circles.  It was totally fun to do.  I had a blast.  I learned a lot.  This piece is totally for me!


Since it is quilted onto linen, I'm going to now wash it and see how that works.  I had some stretching as I quilted it and as I trimmed it the stitching seem to spring away from the end, so I stay stitched it before I added the border.  I think I would measure the end piece and mark it, stay stitch it and then cut next time--not knowing right now if that could work.  I would also occasionally mark a line to follow as it did seem to shift a bit as I worked down the quilt.  For an experimental piece, I'm still pretty happy with it.  I have that table cloth of mother in law that I still want to quilt, but I need lots of practice before I shift to an heirloom!

After washing--I like it so much better!
 Linking over to Whoop Whoop where my idea for this was inspired


Quiltdivajulie said...

I love the organic textural look - especially after it was laundered!

Debbie said...

This turned out so neat! Very neat textures created with the lines and doodles. Linen does tend to stretch and pull back naturally, so you managed to conquer it. Great job.

sophie said...

Your notes about the linen are especially interesting to me because I included some linen in a quilt that I'm about to quilt ... with fingers crossed.

Vicki W said...

I think it's fabulous and I'm glad you are keeping it for yourself!

Helen in the UK said...

Great organic texture :)

Barbara said...

Great job on this. Very nice textures.