Friday, July 4, 2014

HSTeria 7.4.14

Spent a great deal of time of the phone last night.  I talk to an old friend who lives in Canada on the phone a couple of times a month or so.  He has a big ranch there and when his chores are over, he arranges a time that works for me and hubby and he calls me.  Hubby has an old friend from college he visits with weekly so it gives us both a connection to the past and a continuation of friendships.  It just started this last year.  We've hit that time in life where a lot of people start connecting more to the past than when they were busy making a living.  In anticipation of my call--which usually lasts 2 hours or so, I sew some HST's and then while I've got my earphones on I can press them and trim them.  It makes that job really zip by.  Last night I trimmed 92 green batik ones for my ongoing quilt, and then on the 2nd I make 42.  I have a total already for July: 134 HST's.
These were some blocks I made for Sunshine Yahoo Group which will go into the monthly lotto drawing to be made for either Quilts Beyond Borders or Wrap a Smile.  This month I will just donate to Sunshine and not be a part of the lotto.

These are packaged and ready to send to Tammy:
I also folded up the remainder of the construction novelty fabric and she can use it for a border if she chooses.  This completely used up the Riley Blake fabric that is a bit off white and both that and the black had a sheen to it.  It is just short of making a quilt from itself, but it will work with the blocks other quilters send in to be used in sampler quilts.  They are 12 inch blocks.

I finished sewing this top together.  I was a half inch shy of making more HST's so I just used the 6 inch blocks into the top and made an "original design" based on what I had left.  These HST's were from another month of HSTeria.

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I'm so excited, I straightened things up yesterday and was able to reorganize my shrinking stash.  It feels good.  I've found stash goes a lot farther when sewing it than it does when buying it.  Not knowing what our plans are for the coming year, if we decide to put our house on the market, I need to have less stash.  It may happen in the coming year, or it may be in a couple of years, but I have enough stash to keep me busy for at least three years!

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