Sunday, July 20, 2014

Quiet Sunday

Last Tuesday, I heard a sound like someone was in our garbage.  It was garbage day and I thought hubby had taken out the garbage and since he was at his workout I looked out the door and saw this.
Our quiet pastoral scene at the back of our yard has come to an end.  We knew it was going to happen.  We went to the public meeting to hear of the new subdivision going in behind us. 

Change is never easy! 

I've been taking photos of the work each day.

A quiet day today, but it shows what was finished Friday.

Those big piles of dirt are disconcerting, but there's nothing we can do.  Progress must go on in our quiet backyard!

On the quilting front.
I finished this quilt for donation.

And started a table runner.  I don't know why it's so hard to make a decision on how to use the fabric.  I must have spent hours trying to decide.  I finally made the cuts and started with a pineapple block for the center.
I went shopping the other day and found some fabric that will work for a border and some for some placemats.  Since this will be a busy week for me, there won't be much quilting going on.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

I understand the feeling - we've had the town creep out on us to the point that a lot of our land is no longer workable. We have a big senior house project going up - in the worse flood plain in the area!! CRAZY

Debbie said...

So sorry for the ugly eye sore view...time to plant some really large growing shrubs or cypress to obscure the view.
Love the table did a great job creating that soft effect around your center.

Vicki W said...

Well at least you will have something to watch over the next several months. Maybe one of the new residents will be a quilter! I adore the table runner!