Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Scraps Away, Stash Trimmed and Summer is Here

Sewed like a demon yesterday.  I had "sew" many things going on in my head, but I think I've calmed down now. 

After reading Building Fences on Voorman's Blog Here I came up with an idea.  I had lots of ends of pieces and a big quilt to make.  It needed to be bigger than my usual 40 x 60. 

This is my design wall:  (Thanks a bunch Sharon!)

I used up two blocks that I just didn't want to take any further--those itty bitty HST's from HSTeria.  I had monsters to get rid of--after two quilts already done, I'm done with them!  (I don't care how big the bargain, I'm not buying 5 yards any more unless its for a back!)

I have a quilt I think will work for Crazy Mom Quilts and Margaret's Hope
I have one block left for Sunshine Lotto
I have fourteen--that's right--fourteen empty comic book boards!
I had two pieces of Riley Blake that I bought on a good sale, but they had a sheen to them and don't mix with other things too well.  So I used up some here for a quilt middle
I had I thought lots of brights, but it turned out not enough to blend with other fabrics, so I tried the above combo.  Sad thing though, I mis-counted.  So I needed to make a middle.  I found some Kona snow that almost matched the Riley Black and used red.  I'll put some bright borders around it to bring it up to size.  Those are 10 inch blocks so it now measures 30 x 30
I don't think a small child will notice any difference!

I made some blocks for Sunshine Yahoo Group July Lotto using some novelties.  I still have some of the construction fabric and I'll be making more blocks or maybe even a quilt top if I have enough, but for now they are put away for Sunshine.

Well, I'm off to the pool.  I do need to get a swim in today.  Today is shopping day for us and tomorrow is my next sewing day.



Vroomans' Quilts said...

Oh, I like that! I love when things just come together. My head hurts when I have to math too much - resort to the good ole' strings to just clear the webs.

Helen in the UK said...

Way to go Pat, you're stitching up a storm :)