Sunday, August 3, 2014

What Will August Bring?

I'm looking at the garden and I know I'll be doing some canning and freezing!  I've got a couple of quilt goals for the month too--well actually three!  (One I'm not posting until it's safely at the recipient).

My daughter turns 40 this year and its been a big year for her.  Her son left for college and now she's looking at how to transform her life for herself.  She's devoted the last 19 years preparing for him and then being a rather protective mom.  This quilt is for her.  The green drink was one I got on FB and it worked well enough to get the headache behind me enough to finish quilting it. 

This pic is called green on green!

I finished up the border on the following quilt and I'm going to texturize it!  Love doing that and I might be pursuing this sort of thing until it gets old.  I have many things to try with this process.

This is something I can work on while I can.  I can leave it or quilt it at will.  It should be fun.

I'm adding a repeat picture of one of my quilts for kids as I couldn't get all three on the linky tool.  So I'll try it this way.
See the sidebar if you'd like to add any quilts that you may be donating. 
There's also another call for quilts for Syrian Refugees HERE:

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I find green tea works well for headaches, too. Love the quilt under the needle.