Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Welcome Toots and Sweet!

Saturday just as we were leaving for a family get together, a box from Saudi Arabia came.  I'd been expecting it.  My Diva Dolls from Margaret Tuite came! 

Welcome Toots!
My love of Kaffe Fasset personified!

Welcome Sweets!

I hope they like their new home.  I really love these girls!

Sunday while reading one of my messages, I found out that Wrap Them in Love needed some quilts--55 to be exact--and I was sewing some 3.5 inch squares into blocks.  Well, I started on a search and found some fabric that looked pretty good and ended up with this:

I emailed Ellen to see if she would quilt them for me if I sent backs and binding.  YES!  Oh how sweet!  I promptly went to work on making a back from a yard of stash:
While working on peaches and making jam in between sewing here and there I did some thinking...

this is dangerous...

I grew up in a house right next to my dad's bakery.  Our phone for many years had the same number as the bakery so it was like we were connected!
I spent the summer when I was ten going over to the bakery and slicing bread and putting it into the big machine that wrapped it in wax paper--well I didn't say I am young!  Anyhow, there were always mashed loaves of bread and we always got them!  So, as a child I learned to use up scraps and that has influenced much of my life.  I've always tried to make ends meet by doing my own canning and many times we've had our own garden.  So, as I've been trying to use up the last of my peaches...

I'm also trying to use up the last of some of my more "autumn" fabrics that I bought more than seven years ago.  Being new to quilting, I bought way more than I needed.  Well, I have earth tones in my home and I have all the earth toned things I need.

That being said, there is one big bed quilt I'm working on to use up these fabrics.  That is using 12 inch blocks.

I had some 8 inch blocks and Saturday and Sunday I used up what I could and this is where it stopped:
While sewing the border onto it yesterday, I decided to make it into a table topper for my table.  It will be big enough to take care of the need for a couple of new place mats.  (This project is #3 on my current list)

I then got into my blocks of various projects and made this top for  Wrap Them in Love  and then found the backing and the binding to go with it.

...and then this:
and added a border and found a backing for this:
This afternoon I was able to go through my stash and reorganize my remaining stash. 
I'm so happy to have found a home for some blocks (now made into tops).  I can conserve my funds that I would have had to use for the batting, since I'm so nearly out and I can start quilting.
My peaches are into jam and salsa...
My kitchen counter can now be used for sandwiching and maybe, just maybe I can go to the state fair tomorrow.  I think I deserve a break!




Vroomans' Quilts said...

Love love those dolls!! Great use of those blocks and stash for a good cause.

Carol E. said...

The dolls are wonderful, but I especially love all the quilts you created.. and the story about the bakery. Did you ever play on the phone and listen in on bakery conversations?

Terry said...

Cool dolls! I love them! :0)

rubyslipperz said...

You blow me away (yeah, like a monsoon! lol) at how prolific of a quilter you are! If only, I had half of your focus and "gumption"...I'd be 200% ahead of where I am now!

Also, LUV those Diva dolls. Now, I'm wanting...one (or 2 or 3) =P